10 Video Game Features That Would Make Real Life So Much Easier

10 Video Game Features That Would Make Real Life So Much Easier


Extra lives. A restart button. Fixed save points. A damn pause button. These timeless video game features changed the face of the medium and people’s perspectives on life. Few things in life are as disappointing as learning that double jumping is actually impossible when you’re face down on your kitchen floor.

But what if life bent to the will of video games? What if you could save before heading out to that job interview or on that date you’re not sure about? What if you could cheat code your way to infinite money? What if you could glitch your way through any bad situation? Video game features would be more practical in real like than I think we all realize. All of us except for these 10 Redditors who are just living six steps ahead.

1. DrDoomsIronNuts is here with the trick to help salvage every horrible memory you’ve ever created.

“save points, I believe the reasons are obvious.”

2. You’ve got a lotta collectibles to hawk, huh Nosna_Anson?

“Selling useless shit to vendors for money. The image of being able to pick up random garbage you come across each day and your local Convenience store guy will hand you buckets of cash for it.”

3. A second chance to try out some different snacks?! Captain_Vegetable

“New Game Plus: starting over with all of the accumulated money, items and skills from my first life.”

4. This should be just enough to push you to quit that job you don’t need anymore. Good call, Stop_Sign

“Progress bars on skills. I want to be able to put numbers to how fast I’m improving.”

5. AmySchumersAnalTumor needs space for more snacks and weapons!

“Inventory/carry weight.

Ability to carry hundreds of items, and not be overencumbered or have to lug around a big bag.

Alternatively, console command cheats. God mode, giveitem, clipping.”

6. Feel you, Nightstalker117. Too many nights we all wish we could erase.

“Delete save data”

7. Just as long as you don’t go Adamn Sandler in Click levels of overboard, JerkCircleton.

“Pause. Sometimes it would be nice to freeze everything so I can focus on one thing at a time.”

8. This is way more practical than I think even Unacceptable_ realizes.

“Sleep for X amount of hours and wake up well rested. My insomniac self would be so happy. I miss decent sleep.”

9. Get to work, go home, and every kind of food becomes takeout. The possibilities are endless, Alicricity!

“Fast Travel so I don’t have to commute to work anymore”

10. lanbrocalrissian knows that I’m terrible with names. Good looking out.

“Some sort of HUD displaying stats about me and other people around me. I’d never forget a name and would be able to remember so much about people.”


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Not if we all roll to the left and backstab. It would just be culling of those fucking casuals.

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