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10 Ways To Drive Your Man WILD (If You’re Hot)*

10 Ways To Drive Your Man WILD (If You’re Hot)*


Hey hot ladies, looking for a way to DRIVE YOUR MAN WILD??

 Cosmo put together this list of 10 Surefire Tips Guaranteed To DRIVE HIM CRAZY if, as we said, you’re already hot. Enough talk, now let’s get down to HOTness:


Nothing tells your man “I’m relaxed, but not afraid to show off my curves” quite like yoga pants, an absolute GUARANTEED way to turn on your man as long as you are really hot and the yoga pants are showing off that hotness. This is one yoga class he won’t mind going to! WINK! Provided, as we’ve established, that you are hot.


Nothing drives a man wilder than wearing one of his dress shirts while strutting around the bedroom and also you’re hot. It’s a great way to convey a sense of boldness while also engendering a comfortable connection with the man’s intimate space, but really the first half of this sentence was just stalling because the main takeaway here is be hot.


When polled, nearly 57% of men say that they prefer women who “Wear less makeup,” once they’ve been assured repeatedly that “Who are hot” is not one of the choices in this particular poll and it has been taken as a given in this specific example. Show off that natural hotness, hot ladies!


Hats: They’re classy, sassy, and something else-ey, and they don’t cover your hot face. Wear them! Or don’t wear them, guys probably won’t mind either way. But definitely do not wear some giant hat that actually goes down and blocks your hot face so no one knows you’re hot, if those types of hats exist. Like, a beekeeper mask, maybe? I guess don’t wear that, is the tip here. Man, we’re only on Number FOUR?? Oof.


Ask any guy: A sense of humor is an INSTANT turn-on. So are boobs. Hot boobs. Which if you have them, will turn men on. So you see, sometimes laughter is the best medicine…for love! Or at least they are as much that medicine as boobs are.


Drive your man WILD by giving him the cold shoulder from time to time, playing hard to get, telling him ‘no’, and asserting your power over him – he’ll get so hot for you, he won’t be able to stand it! Unless you’re not hot, in which case, he’ll just kind of think you’re being a jerk to him and won’t care. But if you ARE hot, he’ll LOVE IT. Although if you are hot, you could also be shy and he’ll be on board too, so, you know, there’s more than one way to skin this hotcat.


Guys like em and they’re required by law most places so whatever wear them you’re hot cool next thing.


Guys are pretty much cool with whatever sex-wise, considering they could fuck a plywood wall and still ejaculate, but this is the name of a position and it’ll make him orgasm and those are super.


Everyone likes bears.


Couldn’t have a Cosmo list without blowjobs. How do they fit here, precisely? Not my job to figure that out. I’m just here to name 87,000 nouns and verbs that humans can wear/do, and if they’re already attracted to you, guys will continue being attracted to you no matter which ones you pick.

So remember: Don’t be a fool, something something word that rhymes with “fool” and be hot!

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