10 Websites You Need To Visit To Save Money

Nothing beats free.

AudiobookBay.pw – You don’t pay for the book. You click the book and listen to it. For free.

Codecademy.com – Learn how to code. No fee of any kind. This one’s a personal fave.

This site is a breeding ground of millionaires, who learn how to code, then develop their own video games. Video games MAKE MONEY.

Coursera.com – College professors should probably feel bad about this one, but they love it instead.

You can take the world’s best courses for free. No tuition. No books to buy. Education for free as it fucking should be.

Documentaryheaven.com – Hundreds of free documentaries, several Oscar winners, no fee, not even a sign-up.

Memrise.com – Learn a new language, completely free. Smartphone apps. Various teaching methods to tailor yourself to.

Why speak one language when you can speak 50? There never was a limit.

Ninite.com – Installs and updates packages of software you’ll find interesting. Search for it, find it, download it. Free.

You ever go ninite, nigga?! YOU EVER GO NINITE?!?!

Shush.se – The poor man’s Netflix. Netflix costs about $8.53 a month. Shush is free. Same stuff.

Songza.com. It will choose any music you tell it to. You fill in your preferences, it finds your kind of music.

Symbolab.com – As an English professor, I don’t give a fuck if you cheat at math. This will do your math for you. Free.

Pixlr.com – Photoshop: $600. Pixlr: F*CKING FREE.

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