10 Weird Orgasm Facts

Learn more about the ultimate source of pleasure and entertainment with weird orgasm facts.

Orgasms are pretty great. They’re the ultimate source of pleasure and entertainment—for free! Who needs Netflix when you have an empty house and a vivid imagination, or a partner’s helping hand? Whatever the reason you’re engaging in the big O, there are some orgasm facts that not many people know about—some weird, some wonderful, and some downright odd.

They Relieve Pain

That’s right—orgasms have been proven to relieve a number of sources of pain. Lisa Stern, a nurse practitioner in Los Angeles, lists that orgasms can actually help arthritis, pain after surgery—and pain from childbirth! While not all types of pain are covered under this little act, namely vaginal or cervical pains, the vast majority are. This is because orgasms release a chemical called oxytocin which suppresses pain and replaces it with the intense pleasure we feel when orgasming. She also points out that, while it only lasts for around eight to 10 minutes, even the thought of sex can help stem the severity of pain. So if you have a headache—have sex! It will probably help.

Guys—Condoms Don’t Affect Your Orgasm Quality…

The myth around condoms has long existed, gradually morphing into a condom-hating culture that has even affected pornography laws. The playground rumor is that condoms both feel gross and remove all sensation. Well, that really isn’t true. After all, I’m sure if you’ve used a condom, you’ve still climaxed. A researcher from Indiana University notes that both men and women show no reduced orgasm intensity as a result of condoms, and also suggests it allows for you to spend more time with your partner as you don’t have to worry about “pulling out.” Plus, it’s pretty cool to not worry about catching anything down there, or growing a surprise little guy inside you.

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The Mythical G-Spot Exists, and Finding It Can Make All the Difference!

We all know about the G-spot and how great life can be if you found it—but where the fuck is it? A large majority of the population admit that they have heard of it, but just can’t find it. If you are one of the lucky few to find it (at the top of the vaginal wall, it has a rough texture) its stimulation can lead to a mind-blowing experience. With practice, you can fine-tune for the best orgasm of your life. Italian researchers have recently posted images of the G-spot through ultrasound—so get hunting!

30 Percent of Women Struggle to Reach the End-Goal

Sadly, around 33 percent of all women struggle to achieve an orgasm both alone and with partners. This orgasm fact has been attributed to many external factors, such as pressures in work, the family, or little privacy to do the deed. Top sexologists suggest allotting yourself a set “personal” time to relieve your stress, and while doing so, to focus on your own feelings. As covered in my “Why Men Fake Orgasms” article, stress plays a large role in reduced sexual function—so run a warm bath, light a few candles, play some low music, and set the scene for a stress-free solo session.

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Just Like Wine, It Gets Better with Age

One weird orgasm fact I certainly didn’t expect was that orgasms actually get better with age. Supposedly, 61 percent of young female adults achieved orgasms the last time they had sex, while 70 percent of older women got to the big O. While this study didn’t discover exactly why these findings were gained, researchers believe it’s simply down to experience—during our late teens, we’re fumbling idiots trying to impress each other while dodging suspicious parents and sticky duvet sheets in the dark. When we’re older and therefore more likely to be settled down, we care for ourselves a little more.

Self-Esteem Plays a Giant Role in Orgasms

Surprisingly, the way you view yourself has significant impact over the ease of your orgasm. Those who are hyper-critical of their appearance often report struggling to achieve the end-goal, while those who appreciate themselves aesthetically enjoy more frequent orgasms. The cause is simple: Stress kills the mood! If you’re worried or stressing about how your partner may view you, then your arousal drops through the floor. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re confident with yourself, you allow for complete arousal, which in turn will probably turn on your partner more and end with a bigger bang. It’s a hard hill to combat, and the rise in mental illness isn’t helping. However, it all starts from within—relax, take your time, don’t push yourself, and enjoy everything.

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The Clitoris Has a Lot of Nerves

The clitoris, that mystical beast that guys often make a fuss around, actually has a lot of nerve endings—around 8,000 to be precise. So what? Well, they’re what make you feel good, both down there and up in your brain. By stimulating that many nerve endings at once, the brain is flooded with dopamine and other pleasure chemicals leading to a killer orgasm. Anything that affects nerves in other areas of your body, such as heat, cold, and “stabbing” or pricking pains can, depending on the individual, induce different levels of orgasm to the female—so get creative with it. Dig out those ice-cubes, or consider a piercing. Anything that makes all 8,000 of those nerve endings buzz happily is good enough.

The Pain Threshold Increases 107 Percent During Orgasm

Yep—this orgasm fact is pretty weird. During orgasm, the amount of pain a woman can bear increases by roughly 107 percent on average. This often results in kinkier sexual activities: choking, spanking, and so on. This is because, as above, the brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals that block out pain receptors and leave the female (sorry guys) with a carefree, euphoric, and intense climax. You don’t become invincible, so please don’t try some extreme sexual activities unless you know the risks.

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10 Percent of Women Orgasm During Exercise

What better incentive to run on a treadmill for hours on end or pump iron all day than a sweet, sweat-induced orgasm. That’s right—one in 10 females reportedly climax during intense core-body workouts. While this has left some physiologists stunned, some sexologists claim it’s a result of the stimulation of vaginal muscles, which in turn stimulate the clitoris. It certainly isn’t as reliable as other methods, but it’s worthy of the number two slot.

Sleep Orgasms Are Really Common

While guys are much more likely to have orgasms during their sleep during puberty and adolescence, women may have them at any age. These occur thanks to vivid imaginations and dreams. However, unlike conscious orgasms, you can’t really feel them as your brain is in deep sleep. They’re not worth striving for compared to some of the more mind-blowing options out there. Either way, it’s a weird thing to imagine. Therefore, it humbly takes its place as number one.

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