10 Women Who Made Men Commit Horrible Crimes

Women – the fairer sex. But sometimes they’re not all that fair. In this feature, we’ll spotlight ten ladies who used their feminine wiles to convince poor schmucks to break the law. Sure, most of these dudes were no angels in their own right, but they wouldn’t have crossed the lines they did without evil women pushing them along. Keep your hearts closed, gentlemen, because there are some real scary chicks out there. From a teenager making her boyfriend kill her dad to a woman making her step-son kill her husband to even a mom making her kid rob a bank, these women are clearly insane. Now go ahead and read for yourself all the crazy crimes that a lady was behind.

Kaleigh Fryer

There is no force quite as powerful in this world as a teenager’s hatred for their parents. Hormones flow like hot lava through their bodies, inspiring them to do all kinds of things. So when 15-year-old Kaleigh Fryer told her married boyfriend Jerry Jerone Chiles Jr that her father needed to die, she meant it. In 2010, Fryer manipulated the simpleminded Chiles into believing that her dad was abusive to her and she was fearful for her life. She left the back door open for him, told him where in the house to find a knife to do the deed and gave him a whole plan to follow. Cops figured it out, as they do, and Fryer was given life in prison.

Maria Hernandez

How much would it cost for you to murder someone? Maria Hernandez spent a paltry $800 to have her brother snuff out her husband. Maria had been cheating on older husband Enrique for some time when he found out and hired somebody to give her other man a beatdown. Infuriated, Maria struck back by wiring her brother Hector the cash to come to Las Vegas and stage a carjacking that would end in Enrique’s murder. Hector carried it out in the most juggalo way imaginable: hacking the hubby up with a hatchet in the middle of the street as Maria watched.

Diane Borchardt

One of the most intense murders the heartland of America has ever seen happened when Ruben Borchardt was murdered by shotgun blast in his own home in Jefferson, Wisconsin. His son Chuck was home at the time and heard his father’s last words – “I can’t believe she would do this to me.” She was his wife Diane Borchardt, who he had been cheating on. At her job as a high school counselor, Diane befriended student Douglas Vest Jr. and entrusted him with the job of killing Ruben for $600 in cash with the promise of $20,000 later from his life insurance payout. Vest in turn got two of his friends to help with the slaying. The whole messed-up group was quickly caught and jailed for their crimes.

Hilma Marie Witte

Some of the women in this article were motivated by understandable human emotions like greed or jealousy. But Hilma Marie Witte might have just been evil. The Indiana woman was steadily siphoning money from her stepmother-in-law’s bank account, and when she found out Witte convinced her own son John to shoot her with a crossbow. The duo then spent the next few months methodically dismembering and disposing of her body. As if that wasn’t enough, Witte had also made her other son Eric murder her husband Paul in 1981. Eventually the authorities were able to assemble a solid case against her and she went to jail for 90 years in 1985.

Meloney Selleneit

We want to believe women when they tell us things – trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. But maybe Michael Selleneit should have asked his wife Meloney a few questions when she claimed she was being telepathically raped by their neighbor before shooting the guy. Meloney said that 41-year-old Tony Pierce had been controlling her brain with crack cocaine and violating her mentally for years. He took two shots in the back but survived, and both Selleneits pled guilty by reason of mental illness to the bizarre crime.

Lavaya May

The circumstances behind the bizarre crime orchestrated by young Lavaya May are horrific. She claims to have been molested and abused by an elderly man named Ted Lee in Florida for years, but Lee will never face a day in court – because May convinced her boyfriend and a buddy to savagely murder him. She laid out a detailed plan for Jonathan Ruffini and Hunter Tyson to enter Lee’s house with a knife and a heavy baseball bat, then beat him to death. The bat impacted his head so hard that part of his skull was knocked out and embedded in the wall of his home. The duo loaded the body into the trunk of their car and fled until being apprehended in Kansas. Lee had no history of trouble with law enforcement.

Pamela Smart

Manipulating a grown man takes skill and cunning, but manipulating a teenage boy is a hell of a lot easier. Pamela Smart was a media coordinator at Winnacunnet High School in New Hampshire when she met 15 year old Billy Flynn. The pair bonded over a love of heavy metal music and Pamela saw a way to get out of her disintegrating marriage with husband Gregg. She started banging the teen and then threatened to withhold further sex until he killed her husband. With the help of some friends, Flynn did the deed by breaking into their condo, ransacking the place to look like a burglary and shooting Gregg. Pamela was arrested and convicted, but still proclaims her innocence.

Tamara Rivers

We like to think we’d do anything for our mothers, but they never asked us to rob a bank. In 2003, Tamara Rivers told her 13 year old son to write a note reading “Give me $30,000 or I will shoot you!” and take it to a nearby Citibank. The middle school robber was quickly apprehended and taken into custody, primarily because he didn’t have an actual gun. Rivers was arrested and charged with child neglect because her insane plan had a reasonable chance of injuring the boy.

Judith Hawkey

On the same tack, here’s an even more horrifying story of a woman using her parental powers to influence a kid in a bad direction. In 2003, law enforcement showed up to Robert Breininger’s home to find the 34 year old man dead from a single gunshot to the head. At the time, the death was ruled an accident by way of his ten year old son Corey Breininger. A decade later, though, the truth came out: Corey’s stepmother Judith Hawkey had slowly and surely emotionally abused him to make him terrified enough that he killed his own father. She then claimed the $500,000 insurance payout. A jury determined that she was to blame and she was sentenced to life in prison.

Michelle Carter

Sometimes the victims of the crimes plotted by manipulative women are the criminals themselves. Case in point: Michelle Carter, who was just found guilty in a court of law for convincing boyfriend Conrad Roy III to kill himself. In 2014, after multiple text messages from Carter, Roy locked himself in his truck and used a gas-powered pump to fill the cabin with carbon dioxide, suffocating himself. The duo had only met a few times in person, but apparently Carter’s hold on the troubled young man was potent enough to drive him to death. Their text message history started with her attempting to get him help before she eventually became frustrated and started goading him on instead.


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