10 Of The World’s Strangest Souvenirs

You’re going to see some weird stuff when you travel. Not only are there some pretty weird tourist attractions, but those tourist attractions have some pretty weird souvenirs. These are some of the world’s strangest souvenirs and, as weird as they are, they’re still less weird than those tiny little spoons that have no function other than to remind you of where you’ve been.

Llama fetus


Visiting Bolivia? Why not take home a llama fetus to remind you of your trip? Because having a dried out dead animal baby in your home is gross? And also filling out the custom forms for a llama fetus would be a nightmare?




Dubai is a country so loaded you can buy actual gold as a souvenir. You can pick some up at the airport when you travel and just Oprah out the gold bars when you get home. “You get a gold bar! You get a gold bar! You get a gold bar!” Or you can just stop by a gold ATM, because that’s a real thing that actually exists in Dubai.


Elephant dung beer


Some beer tastes like sh*t, and some beer is sh*t. Un, Kono Kuro from Japan is advertised as chocolate stout. They must mean “chocolate” in the way that kids call poop chocolate, because the beans are taken from elephant dung. Yum!


Taxidermied cane toads


What do you do when you import 101 cane toads to control sugar-cane pests, then the toads bread like crazy and threaten to destroy the natural ecosystem of Australia? Kill them and turn them into souvenirs, obviously.


Tuttuki bako


If you’ve ever wanted to have the virtual experience of poking something, than this game is for you! Tuttuki bako from Japan lets you pretend you’re poking something without actually poking something. Germaphobes who just love touching stuff can rejoice!


Eiffel cower


Is Paris known for its rich and interesting bovine history? Or is it known for it’s love of bad puns? The person who made this Eiffel Tower souvenir was probably thinking, “Eh, zees stupeed Americans will buy anee-zing!” and he is not wrong.


Kangaroo scrotum


Show you grabbed your Australian vacation by the balls with a kangaroo scrotum! You can pick one up in the form of a keychain, bottle opener, bag, or just au naturale. This is a great idea for a souvenir. No really. It is.


Water from Niagara Falls


Nothing says “sorry I didn’t bring you back anything cool from my trip” like a bottle of water. And remember, it’s not bottled water — it’s a bottle of water. There’s a huge difference! We’re not sure what it is, but it’s there.


Canned air


Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything lamer than a bottle of water, along comes a can of air! Where would this even be useful? Are you going to get yourself into a weird survival situation where you need literally one breath of tropical air? Actually, you should probably buy the can of air just in case anything like that comes up.


Kilt koozie


Show off your beer or soda’s family tartan with a kilt koozie from Scotland. Is your canned beverage a Stewart? Or is it from the Clan MacGregor? No one will know unless you show them with a koozie.



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