The 10 Worst Celebrity Rants Caught On Video


This week bodycam video of actor Shia LaBeouf going on a profanity filled rant while being arrested was released. LaBeouf is not the first celebrity to go off on a rant that was caught on camera. Some of Hollywood’s biggest A-list stars have come under scrutiny when their rants were videotaped and released for all to see. Check out the below 10 celebrity rants that were caught on video. Please note that some of these videos contain very explicit language that may not be suitable for everyone.

10. Reese Witherspoon

The Legally Blonde actress is one of the last people that fans would think would end up on this list. However thanks to a drunken night in Atlanta, she is. Reese Witherspoon was caught mouthing off and getting in a cops face after he arrested her husband for a DUI. She goes on a rant about being an American citizen and then keeps playing the celebrity card. Witherspoon continually asked the cop if he knew who she was. When he said no, she made it clear he was about to find out. It was completely out of character for Witherspoon later gave an interview apologizing for her ridiculous behavior.

9. Michael Richards

Actor Michael Richards literally lost his mind while performing on stage at a comedy club. He flew into a racist filled tirade that basically cost him his career and creditability in Hollywood, as well as on the comedy circuit. Richards flew into a fit of rage as he went off on an audience member, calling him racial slurs and making comments about black history. It wasn’t just his remarks but also his actions that gained attention because he appears to be having a meltdown. Years later he tried to explain that he was new stand-up and people were heckling him, so he lost list. Michael Richards also shared that the incident was a wake up call for him.

8. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has actually had a few different rants so it is hard to decide which one is the best. It started with his 2006 DUI arrest that resulted in him slurring a bunch of anti-sematic remarks at a cop. The actor’s career has never quite recovered from what can be called his “rant phase.” Despite being sober for years, his career is a basically over and he will forever be remembered for his many rants.

7. Charlie Sheen

Just like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen too has a number of famous rants. He has even recorded himself going on tirades for his “Torpedo of Truth” moments. During his heavy drinking and drug using days, pretty much anything could set off the actor. His rants against his boss at the time, Chuck Lorre, and former wife, Denise Richards, are legendary. It has been a while since the world has seen a good Sheen rant and apparently that is because he is leading a healthier lifestyle. Charlie recently revealed that not only did he quit drinking but he is also a vegan. He may be a changed man but his rants are unforgettable.

6. Kanye West

Although these days Kanye West uses social media for his famous rants, there are many times he has been caught on video. One of his earliest tirades was about how George Bush does not care about black people. It happened during the Hurricane Katrina telethon when the singer decided to go off script leaving Mike Meyers failing in the wind. West decided to ignore the teleprompter for the entire segment, which was supposed to be about getting viewers to donate. Instead in usual Kanye fashion, he used the time to speak his mind and share his thoughts with viewers.

5. Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is another on that is kind of shocking to be on this list but her speech at the women’s march about her period and tampons has earned her a spot. She not only brought up Hitler in her speech but also how women are paid less than men. Her rant is different from other celebrity rants, as she is taking stance on an issue that is important to her. Judd’s speech was fiery. She stood up for woman but also took quite a few potshots at President Trump. However, her speech turns into too much of a rant as opposed to something inspirational.

4. Alec Baldwin

Who can forget the time that Alec Baldwin called his own daughter a pig. While Baldwin’s tirade towards his then 11-year old daughter was caught on voicemail, not a video, it is one of the most famous celebrity rants ever. He was clearly very angry for some reason and unleashed on his daughter. He repeatedly called her a little pig. These days Ireland Baldwin and her dad seem to have smoothed things out. Together they have each poked fun at the Alec’s infamous tirade. She even posted a pic on Instagram about being a little pig.

3. Tara Reid

In typical Tara Reid fashion while appearing on Marriage Boot Camp reality stars, she got drunk and went on a belligerent tirade. The actress appears to be really pissed that the rest of the cast likes her boyfriend Dean May so much better than her. Things go worse when Tara stormed into producer’s offices. While the footage that was leaked online has since been pulled by WETV, there is still a clip from the actual episode that gives viewers an idea of her condition. Those that actually watched the show will know that Tara was her usual disaster the entire time.

2. Christian Bale

Who can forget the infamous Christian Bale on set meltdown that happened in 2009? While footage of the actual rant is only in audio form, it is serious enough to earn him a spot on this list. During the filming of the movie Terminator Salvation, the actor went off on a cinematographer dropping F-bombs like they were going out of style. Although days later he deeply apologized, his words will never be forgotten.

1. Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell is known for her rants about Donald Trump. The feud between the two goes way back but to this day, O’Donnell can and will go off about the President at any time. It all began when the former The View co-host threw shade at Trump for his personal life. She ended the segment by attacking his moral compass and telling him to sit and spin. It was the rant that started the feud between these two and since he became president, Rosie has stepped up her rant game, most recently giving a speech outside the White House back in March.

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