10 of the Worst Celebrity Tramp StampsBefore we head into some bashing and trashing of one another, having a tramp stamp does not mean that you are actually a tramp. Basically, having one is proof that at some point in your life, you made a bad mistake, probably in college or high school. Let’s face it, that’s what uptight parents would say. Having a tramp stamp pretty much means that at some point you had the time of your life, an epic experience, something like that summer time when you made it to Tomorrowland.

Not all the lower back tattoos that we come across are a result of ludicrous decisions. As a matter of fact, some of them are artistic works, which represent something significant in the life of the tattoo owner. Before you decide to have that tattoo inked on a really visible part of your body, you need to think twice about it. Inked marks will be with you for as long as you are alive, unless you are financially well endowed enough to have them taken out through laser tech.

This is not a problem for celebrities, though a number of them have instead opted to have them redesigned into something else, to camouflage the initial mistake. Here are our high profile celebrity tramp stamps.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Via popcrunch.com

Life really is beautiful, hence the la bella vista tattoo. Of course it is a beautiful life Lindsay, we know it because we have been on the better side of it more times than you have. For someone who has spent quite some time in rehab, had brushes with authorities and landed in jail from time to time, what really is so beautiful about it for Lindsay, we might never know. Maybe being a celebrity is a good way of getting away with a lot of things in life. Picture an average individual with such a tattoo, in prison…..let’s leave it at #OITNB!

9. Kaley Cuoco

Via ellentv.com

She calls it dumb, and admits it was a stupid mistake. Well, at least she knows it. Funny thing about growing up, the mistakes you make in your teenage years at times come back to haunt you. For the Big Bang Theory star, she laughs about the tattoo, and admits it is a tramp stamp. In her defense, she was 17 years old at the time and trying to act cool. At least we know the pressure to fit in does not just happen to us normal people. Joking about it, she says it’s been on her back so long she even forgot it existed. It’s the Chinese symbol for faith.

8. Brooke Hogan

Via 8beermugshots.com

If we had parents like Hulk Hogan, perhaps we would have an idea of what the need for redemption really feels like. Brooke has a tattoo on her lower back saying Redemption. We are still trying to grapple with what she needs redemption from, or what she needed redemption from in the first place. Our most obvious answer would be something to do with the Hulkster. But, who are we to judge? Perhaps there are some secret demons in her closet she needed redemption from. Tell us, people from Miami, Florida, what did you do to Brooke to warrant her desire for redemption?

7. David Beckham

Via hollywood.com

This one got us torn and confused, not sure whether it was a bad thing or a good one. For obvious reasons, it is adorable. A parent who loves their child so much they have their names inked on their body. But lower back, David, really?? In most cases, lower back tattoos are reserved for mistakes, so unless Brooklyn was supposedly a mistake, this one still leave us confused. Anyway, the ladies do love that back, sigh! Our prayer at the moment, Brooklyn manages to ride the wave created by his father and turns out to be a worthy sportsman, or at least model.

6. Kate Moss

Via celebritylaundry.com

On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with the tattoos Kate Moss has on her body, at least not until you consider the cost involved in procuring them. The two little birds along her panty line are any normal 21stcentury guy’s subject of envy. Why they are flying away though, no one knows….and we would shudder at the reason why! What irks about this ink-work, designed by German painter Lucien Freud, is the fact that the two swallows on her body apparently cost millions of dollars. Well, one of Lucien’s paintings once sold for $7.29 million in an auction, so let’s hope some part of Kate will one day make it to an auction site!

5. Eva Longoria

Via mirror.co.uk

Look away yee holier than thou peeps! So at least we do know Eva Longoria is one religious woman, and she has a cross to show for it. The only thing that bothers us about this cross is where it features on her body. Honestly, anyone who would love to have a cross on their body as a sign of their strong faith would definitely feature it somewhere, probably on their arms. For Eva, she puts it right where every guy would land their eyes. Perhaps this is to keep off those guys who are not as religious as she is?

4. Britney Spears

Via britney-galaxy.com

Once again Britney shows up on one of our lists of the ridiculous, but this time her entry in our selection is not as outrageous as we would have imagined. All grown up and having cleaned up her antics, perhaps it’s time we gave Britney a break, after all, she was born to make us happy! No coke this time, or anything ludicrous, but she does have a cute little fairy on her back. Perhaps we can assume at the time when she was getting this inked on her back, she must have been under some divine intervention, hence braving all the drama in her life to date.

3. Kate Gosselin

Via complex.com

Imagine giving birth to 8 kids! Let’s try and leave her kids out of this though, but Kate manages to have a really good body for someone who has been in labor such a number of times. Did we mention that she had sextuplets, and twins? Well, this would take more than an average woman to accomplish. Kate features a tattoo on her lower back, one that appears to look like a mark from one of the native war tribes. Since it might take more than an average woman to give birth to 8, perhaps her warrior tattoo is a sure fit.

2. Brad Pitt


The first time you see his tramp stamp, you might not really know for sure what these markings are. At least he puts the fairies and Chinese faith symbols to task with this one. Oh, and ladies, just in case you might want to start a random chat with him when Angelina is not around, you now have a topic of conversation to get you going. His tramp stamp, unlike most that we have seen before, actually is for a good cause, however weird it looks. It represents the map of a part of New Orleans (the Leeves), which felt the extreme brunt of Hurricane Katrina.

1. Jessica Alba

Via moviepilot.com

The one person we know who would not have a difficult time giving or wrapping gifts has to be Jessica Alba. At least her tramp stamp is evidence of that. Unless she intended to gift her behind to someone, this is one of the most preposterous tramp stamps we have come across so far. We’re still trying to figure out the inspiration behind it, but it really seems to make no sense. Racking our brains to understand why she got it in the first place is pointless, we could do without the unnecessary migraines.


10 of the Worst Celebrity Tramp Stamps

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