The 10 Worst Parents In The World

The 10 Worst Parents In The World

Tales of true horror. The children of the parents mentioned below suffered tremendous abuse. Some of them are still alive. Many of them are dead. These parents are so bad, many of their children never got to see adolescence. Or their growth has come to a crossroads of pure trauma. Whatever the case, many of the parents are now doing hard time, wondering why they chose to forsake their own children and live a life of misery behind bars instead. But that was the choice each of them made. They chose to give up the beauty of what life could be. By neglecting their children, abusing their children, and more. Rape in some cases; and starvation in some cases. These parents are so bad they don’t deserve the title of “parent.”

They deserve the title of “criminal.” And indeed their actions from the outside could look insane. One can only ask, why? Why would someone bring a life into this world if they have no intentions of providing even the most basic of necessities such as food or adequate shelter? Instead, they leave the kids to fend for themselves, digging through trash cans to find scraps of bread for dinner. Or to die of thirst while locked inside of a small room. Sleeping on a mattress covered in urine. Or even worse, suffering sexual abuse everyday at the hands of their own caretaker.

Follow me into the dark, where we will explore, in increasing horror, the stories of some of the worst parenting jobs ever. These are The 10 Worst Parents in the World.

10. Mother Burns Baby’s Genitals and Breaks Bones



When investigators arrived on the scene at a city hospital in Oklahoma, 19-year-old Jodi Rock’s 15-month-old infant was “glassy eyed and appeared to be withdrawn.” Jodi was straightening her hair; as she touched her hand to the iron, she then “took and closed the iron’s clamps on the toddler’s genitals.”

But that’s not all. It was obvious at the hospital the unnamed boy was suffering from several fractures and broken bones. Some had only come into existence 12 hours earlier. Some were as old as 4 months. The abuse had started at a time when the child was only 9 months old! Jodi first tried to blame family members for the injuries, but then later confessed to police officers to abusing her child. Stating she and her boyfriend often played rough with the child, “pulling him up by the arms and throwing him up in the air and on the bed and such.”

9. Baby Starves While Parents Make Adult Films



Amanda Hancock (22) and Stephen Williams (27) are facing murder charges after authorities found their seven-week-old baby, Data Toria Hancock, unresponsive in the couple’s home on January 22, 2015, after responding to a distress call made by the couple. Upon arrival of first responders, baby boy Data Toria Hancock was already dead at the scene.

Father Stephen Williams noticed his infant son was losing weight, but failed to take his son into a doctor’s office, stating “because that was Amanda’s responsibility.” The couple did feed their child breast milk. But it wasn’t enough to keep their son alive. While the couple engaged in online pornography, recording videos of Amanda Hancock lactating, their son Data deteriorated away and died after only seven weeks of life. Court documents allege that the couple “showed extreme indifference to human life by failing to provide Data Toria Hancock adequate food and medical care.”

8. Mentally Ill Mom Kills Baby On Swing


In early 2015, this mother “jumped out of a moving cab with their son in tow.” She had been in the mental hospital twice before her son’s death for “erratic behavior.” Only weeks before the tragic event, her baby’s daddy petitioned for custody of their son, saying he was “concerned for my child’s safety and well being.”

And on the morning of May 22, 2015, police found Ji’Aire Donnell Lee dead on a park swing, citing hypothermia and dehydration as the cause of death. Romechia Simms one day decided to take her son to a park. And there, she stayed pushing her son on a swing set for two consecutive days. When a passerby noticed the mother and son had been there for two days she notified authorities. The mother entered a mental hospital soon after her son’s death and it is not yet clear whether charges are going to come against her for her son’s death.

7. Baby Starves To Death While Couple Plays Video Game


Father Kim Yoo-chul (41-years-old) and mother Choi Mi-sun (25-years-old), arrested in 2010, spent five months evading police after reporting their dead baby. “We found she had passed away when we woke up in the morning,” was their original statement. After a police investigation, it became clear that their unnamed daughter had in fact died from malnutrition, neglect and abuse.

Kim and Choi “seemed to have lost their will to live a normal life, because they didn’t have jobs and gave birth to a premature baby,” said Chung Jin-won, a police officer in South Korea. The couple had spent 12-hour sessions at an internet café known as PC Bangs. There they raised a virtual child named “Anima” while neglecting their real daughter in the real world. The game, much like Second Life, lets users choose careers and friends, granting them virtual children as a reward for passing a certain level.

6. Bodies In The Freezer, Eviction, and More



Mitchelle Blair is serving life in prison without parole for her July 2015 murder of her two children and then forcing her teenage daughter to stash one of the bodies in the freezer. The two fathers of Blair’s surviving children owe a joint $50,000 in unpaid child support, and haven’t seen the kids in two to three years. Mitchelle Blair did not have a job, owed $2,206 in unpaid rent, and was facing eviction. Court officers coming to evict the family for non-payment of rent found the bodies.

The children suffered beatings, whippings and burning; one of the boys tortured only two weeks before his death. Mother Blaire would tie a belt around his neck, throw hot water on him, and wrap plastic bags around his head. The two surviving children say they came under beatings with an extension cord, pieces of wood, a hot curling iron, and burning with a clothing iron.

5. Mother Lights Baby On Fire, Claims It Was Dog Feces



At 11:15 p.m, on the night of January 16, 2015, Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier was lighting her baby on fire, somewhere in New Jersey. Earlier that night she had given birth to Angelica Dorvilier in the ground-level bathroom of a home she shared with her mother and younger sister. She somehow managed to hide her pregnancy from her family. Later she drove two miles away, wrapped her newborn (still with umbilical cord attached) in paper towels, sprayed the bundle with WD-40, and proceeded to light her newborn infant on fire.

“Get down!” “You’re not going anywhere,” said a neighborhood man, catching a clue of the incident. “You’re disgusting,” said a woman as she called 911. “I’m sorry” “It’s not mine. It’s not mine,” cried the mother. Seven minutes later police were on the scene. Dorvilier is facing charges of first degree murder and could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

4. Pimp Parents Trade Daughter’s Innocence For $281



James Davis and Sandra Davis traded sex with their 14-year-old daughter in exchange for monthly payments on their minivan, a grand total of $281! “It makes me personally sick to my stomach,” said Dodge County Sheriff’s Captain Tony Winborn. “There were drugs involved in this family and it was some very sick, perverted stuff going on amongst the entire family.”

Owner of the car lot, Wendell Bearden, said of the employee offender, “He had had a turbulent life up until 2000.” Now jailed for child molestation, 66-year-old Bearden was getting his life in order. He was going to church, quit drinking, and found a job working as manager of the car lot. “It was a total shocker to me… It’s almost too much for me to believe,” said Wendell.“[Wayne] Bearden wasn’t the only person that this couple gave this child to,” said Sheriff Captain Tony Winborn.

3. Mother Leaves Paralyzed Child In The Woods With A Bible



Nyia Parler, charged with attempted murder, left her quadriplegic son – who also has cerebral palsy – abandoned in the woods on April 5, 2015. Daequon Norman, 21-years-old, cannot speak or move, and needs a wheelchair to get around. “He does not function at all,” said Lieutenant Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Nyia Parler abandoned Daequon in a Philadelphia park near the family’s home to visit a boyfriend in Maryland. “I’m so happy,” was her update on Facebook, only 24 hours after abandoning her son. Daequon laid in the woods five days with only a Bible laying on his chest, in the midst of cold and damp weather, wild animals, and no food or water. After his noted absence from Philadelphia’s School of The Future, the alarms rang off and authorities got involved. Nyia was then extradited and arrested in Philadelphia after spending time in a mental hospital for “undisclosed reasons.”

2. Mother Kills Herself After Brutality Against Child


Mother Magdelena Luczak and stepfather Mariusz Krezolek murdered their four-year-old boy by blow to the head. Both faced life in prison, with a minimum of 30 years, after their unprecedented brutality against the child on a scope never seen in Poland. “Those with the ultimate duty of care turned Daniel from a beautiful and bright-eyed little boy into a broken bag of bones,” said detective inspector Chris Hanson.

The child, Daniel, was many times beaten, force-fed salt, starved, locked inside of a small room, and forced to sleep on a mattress covered in urine. The couple showed little remorse while in court. Luczak was allegedly a prostitute; more concerned with marijuana and amphetamines than her child. The stepfather cared little for a child not of his own blood. Magdelena Luczak hanged herself in her solitary prison cell one day before what would have been Daniel’s eighth birthday.

1. Father Rapes Daughter “Thousands” of Times


On August 29, 1984, Josef Fritzl led his daughter into a cellar to “help carry a door.” After blacking out, 18-year-old Elisabeth Fritzl woke from her slumber and proceeded to spend the next six to nine months on a leash within the cellar. Joseph Fritzl had begun working on Elisabeth’s prison a full three years before the incident. Its entryway made up of eight doors (650 lbs. – 1,100 lbs. each) barring Elisabeth from the outside world.

Josef Fritzl then raped his daughter over the course of 24 years. The incest produced seven children. Three of the seven stayed in the small cellar, watching as Josef Fritzl raped and humiliated their mother, making her reenact explicit scenes from porn films. After Elisabeth’s eldest child fell ill, hospital staff alerted authorities that something fishy was going on. Elisabeth only agreed to tell her story if police guaranteed her she would never see her father again.


The 10 Worst Parents In The World

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