The 100 Sexiest Male Names Ranked By Sexiness – Where Does Your Name Rank?

100. Lenny

Coming in at number 100 we have Lenny, a name whose sexiness can be likened to an old damp towel lying on a bathroom floor. (Sorry, Lennys out there).

99. Carl

Unlike Lennys, Carls have as much sex appeal as a dry towel, which is one step up from damp towels.

98. Marvin

Marvin…the Martian, did not make it very high up either.

97. Arthur

Arthur makes an OK name for a pet lizard, but that’s all.

96. Larry

Larrys are middle-aged men hanging on to their youths too hard — not very sexy.

95. Earl

Earl is getting a little sexier, because Earl Grey tea is literally hot.

94. Chad


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Kicking off vaguely sexier names we have Chad. Chads work in finance and are dicks.

93. Todd

Todds can be sexy, but it sounds a lot like “toad”…

92. Monty

Monty is a little bit unique, which is kind of sexy, but I feel like the name brings to mind a spoiled toddler having a tantrum.

91. Ferguson

Sounds too much like a cat’s name to be hot.

90. Gary

Gary is also the name of SpongeBob SquarePants’ pet snail. Not very sexy.

89. Chaz

LOL, “Chaz.”

88. Donny

Donny can be kind of sexy if he goes by “Don.” But NOT if he goes by “Donald.” Ew.

87. Louis

OK, now we’re getting somewhere with Louis.

86. Brad


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Brad used to be a sexy name, but it’s on its way out fast.

85. Martin

Martins are reliable, and being reliable is kind of sexy.

84. Abe

Abes are honest…but not very sexy.

83. Frederick

Fredericks can be a LITTLE sexy, but only a little.

82. Jeffrey

Jeffrey brings to mind guys who wear striped shirts and are down-to-earth — not the least attractive name.

81. Sam

Sams aren’t inherently sexy, but if they’re confident enough, they can be very sexy.

80. Carter

Carters can be sexy if they’re not spoiled rotten.

79. Steven

Stevens can be pretty hot, and sometimes athletic, too.

78. Zach

Eh, not sexy; 1982 called, wants its name back.

77. William

Williams didn’t get very high up on the list, ’cause they’re a real mixed bag — ranging from crazy sexy to not sexy at all.

76. George

Georges can be kind of hot, but in a weird way.

75. Blake


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Bringing in our top 75 we have, Blake — which would be much higher up if it didn’t rhyme with flake.

74. Gregory

Gregorys are sweet as pie, and also pretty cute.

73. Neil

Neils are hot in their own special ways.

72. Aron

Arons can be very sexy, but it’s unlikely.

71. Brian

Brian isn’t the sexiest name, but a lot of sexy guys have it.

70. Bryant

Similar to Brian but the ‘y’ makes it slightly sexier.

69. Robert

Roberts are hot, especially if they go by “Rob.”

68. Hunter

A name that sounds like he’s gonna go hunt dinner for you and bring it home? SEXY.

67. Alexander

Alexander is a strong name, and makes for a sexy guy, if he’s not too cocky.

66. Terrance

Terrances are so nice, and pretty damn sexy.

65. Spencer

Spencers can be sexy, but they are very pale and must wear tons of sunscreen.

64. Brandon

Brandons are a little hyper but very attractive.

63. Daniel

Daniels can be sexy but it’s not a guarantee.

62. Darren

Darren is a hot name for a hot dude.

61. Mason

Mason is definitely sexy and good at sports.

60. Garrett

Garrett is an artistic kind of sexy.

59. Jason

Jasons are hot when they’re not super annoying (which some are).

58. Joshua

Joshes are good guys, which makes them very attractive.

57. David

The name David is pretty traditional, and also pretty sexy.

56. Andrew

Andrews love being in relationships, which makes them very attractive.

55. Noah

Noahs have really bad allergies, but are for some reason still very hot.

54. Nathan

Nathans are the strong and silent type: very sexy.

53. Adrian


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Coming in at 53 we’ve got Adrian, which is definitely a sexy name.

52. Eric

Erics are sexy but just OK in bed.

51. Christian

Christians are very loyal, and loyalty is hot.

50. John

Johns are especially sexy when they go by “Johnny.”

49. Paul

Pauls love to take you out for epic dinners and are very sexy.

48. Byron

Um, ever heard of Lord Byron? HOT.

47. Tim

Tims are smart, and that makes them hot.

46. Elijah

Oh yes, Elijahs are very sexy and great lovers.

45. Kevin

Kevin sounds like the name of a guy who was probably really hot in high school, but maybe not so much anymore.

44. Gareth

Gareth is kind of an unusual name, which makes it sexier.

43. Oliver

The name Oliver is hot if you can get past thinking of Oliver Twist.

42. Leo


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Leos are like sexy lions.

41. Caden

Caden might be a little immature but is still very sexy.

40. Harry

Harrys can be very sexy — just look at that wizard kid.

39. Jordan

More like…”hott-dan.”

38. Tom

Toms are solid. Can’t go wrong with a Tom.

37. Matthew

Matt will be your best friend, which is super attractive.

36. Isaac

Isaacs have tattoos and are super hot.

35. Ari

Um, more like “Ari-eal sexy guy.”

34. Edward

Edward is a sexy vampire name, which is very sexy.

33. Brett

Bretts are strong and sexy.

32. Tanner

Tanners are very tall and sexy.

31. Christopher

Christophers can be players, so be careful of their sexiness.

30. Evan

Evans are a solid sexy.

29. Raphael

Raphael is definitely a very hot name, if you don’t believe me just watch Jane the Virgin.

28. Ben

Bens are honest, and honesty is SEXY.

27. Owen

Owens are sexy in a nerdy way, which is awesome.

26. Joseph

Josephs are surprisingly sexy.

25. Jacob

Jacob is responsible in life and with your heart — very sexy.

24. Michael

Why are Michaels all so hot? Seriously, what is that?

23. Jack

Jacks are good in the sack(s).

22. Sean

Sean is a bad boy in the best way.

21. Ryan

Ryans have great smiles, super sexy.

20. Logan


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Helloooo Logan. Time for the top 20: This is where things get REALLY SEXY.

19. Jared

Ever seen Jared Leto? Yeah.

18. Lucas

Lucases are definitely VERY hot.

17. Gabe

Gabes are undeniably sexy.

16. Adam

Adams have dark smoldering eyes and are super sexy.

15. Dean


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Yes, please.

14. Jesse

Jesse is a bad boy and it’s hot.

13. Darrell

Um, yes to Darrells. Darrells are sexy.

12. Ethan

Ethans are ridiculously sexy.

11. Jackson

Jackson is a strong-ass name and comes with a strong-ass guy.

10. Jake

Jakes are so sexy it’s awkward.

9. Dylan

If a Dylan looks at you the right way, you’ll faint.

8. Aiden

You’ll never want to leave a garden of Aiden.

7. Luke

Lukes wear flannels and fuck you all night.

6. Dwayne

♪ Dwayne, Dwayne, do not go away. ♪ More specifically, Dwayne Johnson, never go away.

5. James

James really know how to please a lover.

4. Nicholas

You really can’t go wrong with a Nicholas.

3. Luca

Lucas Lookas good. Real good.

2. Anthony

Anthonys will sweep you off your feet.

1. Liam


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And our No. 1 sexiest name, Liam. With examples like Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth, it is undeniable: Liams are the sexiest.


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