100-Year-Old Photos Of The 20 Most Beautiful Women Of The Last Century

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, according to the well-known saying. Yet it is only in the present day that our eyes need to make some effort to find beauty in so many faces. When it comes to women of the past, their appearance was unquestionably pure. One can be sure — this beauty is as real as it gets.

1. Ione Bright

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A minor Broadway actress with a major otherworldly beauty.

2. Lina Cavalieri

A famous Italian opera singer whose image and hourglass figure could be seen everywhere — from soap packaging to postcards.

3. Cleo de Merode

French dancer who won the “Queen of Beauty” award in the first ever “Top Beautiful Women” contest organized by Illustration magazine in 1896.

4. Maude Adams

An American actress who achieved fame by playing the role of Peter Pen in a Broadway production.

5. Carolina Otero

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~ The famous dancer, La belle Otero ~ . Carolina “La Belle” Otero (1868–1965) was a Spanish actress, dancer and courtesan. Born Augustina del Carmen Otero Iglesias in Valga, she was the daughter of a Spanish single mother, Carmen Otero Iglesias, and a Greek army officer, named Carasson. Her family was impoverished, and as a child she moved to Santiago de Compostela working as a maid. At ten she was raped, and at fourteen she left home with her boyfriend and dancing partner, and began working as a singer/dancer in Lisbon. In 1888 she found a sponsor in Barcelona who moved with her to Marseilles in order to promote her dancing career in France. She soon left him and created the character of La Belle Otero, fancying herself an Andalusian gypsy. She was pretty, confident, intelligent, with an attractive figure. She wound up as the star of Folies Bèrgere productions in Paris. One of her most famous costumes featured her voluptuous bosom partially covered with glued-on precious gems, and the twin cupolas of the Hotel Carlton built in 1912 in Cannes are popularly said to have been modeled upon her breasts. Within a short number of years, Otero grew to be the most sought after woman in all of Europe. She was serving, by this time, as a courtesan to wealthy and powerful men of the day, and she chose her lovers carefully. She associated herself with the likes of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Albert I of Monaco, King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, Kings of Serbia, and Kings of Spain as well as Russian Grand Dukes Peter and Nicholas, the Duke of Westminster and writer Gabriele D'Annunzio. Her love affairs made her infamous, and the envy of many other notable female personalities of the day. Six men reportedly committed suicide after their love affairs with Otero ended. In August 1898, in St-Petersburg, the French film operator Félix Mesguich (an employee of the Lumière company) shot a one-minute reel of Otero performing the famous "Valse Brillante." . #labelleotero #carolinaotero #dancer #courtesan #history #historylover #woman #queen #strong #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #artist #painting #womenfromhistory

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Known as “La Belle,” Carolina was a French dancer and singer who was hugely popular among the royalty of many countries.

6. Maude Fealy

An American stage and silent film actress who also lived through the talking movie age.

7. Rita Martin

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A suffragist and a photographer who also deserved to be photographed as much as possible.

8. Grand Duchess Olga

The eldest daughter of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, whose whole family was slaughtered by the Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

9. Lily Elsie

An English actress and singer of the Edwardian era.

10. Luzon woman of the Philippines

Breathtaking proof of the simple fact that you don’t need a Nikon and Urban Decay to create a masterpiece shot.

11. Jean Aylwin

A successful comedy actress of the Edwardian era.

12. Anna Pavlova

A Russian prima ballerina of the renowned Imperial Russian Ballet.

13. Mary Pickford

“America’s sweetheart” and “the girl with the curls,” she was a Canadian-born film actress and her real name was Gladys Louise Smith.

14. Valli “Valli” Knust

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A musical and silent film actress descending from an old English family.

15. Gabrielle Ray

Considered one of the most photographed women in the world, she was truly a beauty to be captured.

16. Anna May Wong

The first Chinese American Hollywood movie star.

17. Queen Mary of Romania

The last queen of Romania, very popular among her own people and worldwide.

18. Doris Stocker

An Indian born English actress and music hall artist of the 1900s.

19. Agnes Ayres

A silent film era star.

20. Gypsy girl with mandolin

Esmeralda of the 20th century.

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