11 Bad Habits Schools Are Teaching Our Kids

Gone are the days where a kid would be praised for starting a small fire in science class. In are the days where schools are so terrified of violating endless laws and safety standards that news stories like this can be an every day occurrence.


We punish them for taking action

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We expect victims to change rather than bullies

Tammie Jackson phoned a Missouri school district to say that her daughter, 13, was routinely harassed because of her large breasts. A staff member suggested that she be transferred to another school, but said that she would also get bullied there. Their suggestion? Tammie’s daughter should get a breast reduction.

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We shame them for being individuals

Sports, sneakers, and short hair are what make Sunnie unique. But her family was recently forced to take her out of her Christian school because the principal said that their daughter didn’t meet “biblical standards” and that “students have been confused about whether Sunnie is a boy or girl.”

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We assume every child is a potential killer

During class at her elementary school, Elizabeth, 5, pointed a crayon at another student and said, ”pew pew.” In response, the school had the girl sign a ‘Safety Contract’ which stated that she would not “kill, harm or injure” herself or others while at school. All without her mother’s consent.

Source: WPMI


We don’t let them stand up for what they believe in

Jessica, 15, was suspended for five days because of an anti-bullying video she made for her business and communications class. The assignment required her to make a persuasive promo, which she did so effectively that some of her classmates were moved to tears. The principal caught wind of the buzz and punished the girl for ‘disrupting the learning environment’.




We stifle their imaginations

After Aiden, 9, saw ‘The Hobbit’, his father gave him a cheap ring to play around with. At school, Aiden playfully told his friend that he could use the ring to make him vanish like Bilbo Baggins. Aiden was suspended when a teacher took the comment as a ‘threat.’ Before this incident, Aiden had already been suspended for referring to a classmate as black and bringing “The Big Book of Knowledge” to school. The book contained information and diagrams on pregnancy.


We don’t let them play rough

A little boy was suspended and had a count of sexual battery on his school record for brushing up against his friend’s leg and groin area during a game of tag. What’s more, the school allegedly made the boy sit in a room for two hours until he confessed. The elementary school only took the charge off the boy’s record after the family lawyer pointed out that “sexual assault by six-year-olds” does not legally exist in California.

Source: CBS


We won’t let them be themselves

One preschool allegedly demanded that a deaf three-year-old change his name because the way he signs it (crossing his fingers and moving them up and down) could be mistaken for a gun. School officials claim that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, but Hunter’s parents say that they continued to ask the boy to change the name he’s known since birth.

Source: NBC


We won’t let them be kind

In 2014, Kyle, a 13-year-old California boy, was given detention for having the nerve to share his chicken burrito with a friend who couldn’t afford a hot meal. The school district claimed that kids can’t share their meals because of potential allergies.

Source: FOX News


We enforce ridiculous safety standards that prohibit learning

​Sarah, 8, loves reading and used her 20-minute ride to and from school to read for pleasure. Recently she was told that she’d have to stop because reading posed a risk to other students on the bus. The bus driver suggested they might stand up to see what she was reading, or that Sarah might poke herself in the eye with the corners of the book.

Source: CBC


We treat children as potential sexual predators

After two elementary school girls started arguing over whom a boy liked most, one leant over and gave the boy a quick kiss. The assistant principal called police and reported the incident as a possible sex crime.



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number 6 is a total lie.

That kid admitted he told other kids he would put the ring around their neck (not a real finger ring, more like a large plastic hoop) and make them die.

Nothing to do with imagination stifling.

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