11 Clever Tinderers Who Know How To Get A Point Across

When you’re swiping in a sea of unoriginality, you gotta be a little different to stand out from the crowd. The best way of doing so is being incredibly hot. But also a good way of doing is being clever. These people knocked it outta the park, using their noggins to get a point across. Prime right-swipe candidates.

1. Good luck, Cheri. Or Cheri’s grandpa. Whoever is in charge here.

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2. An interesting proposition.

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3. This man is full of innuendo. Overflowing.

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4. Nates relationship did not end well.

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5. Do not put those on your resume.

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6. Short, but sweet.

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7. It all makes sense now.

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8. But that’s..ah. I understand.

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9. Lady knows she looks good.

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10. Fair.

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11. Hey, whatever works.