11 Embarrassing Comments Guys Made After Sex

Most embarrassing comments guys have made after sexAS IF guys have said this. (Picture: Universal Pictures)

Guys can be total dreamboats when they want to be, but there are times when a simple remark make you want to stab them in the eye. With a fork.

Especially those one-liners post-sex that you can’t believe they even had the audacity to utter.

Here’s a heads up on what NOT to say after sleeping with someone, for all you fellas reading.

This list comes via a Reddit thread that started with user GreyChinHair asking women ‘what is the most embarrassing comment a guy has made to you after sex?’

The post has received over 3,800 comments. Here’s 11 gems…

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1. ‘I thought your boobs were way bigger than they actually are’. Via thattardisblue

2. ‘Have you ever thought about shaving your butt hair?’ Via psychedelic-machine

3. ‘You know, I wanted to keep doing this regularly but you reeeeeally look a lot like my sister.. I know that is so creepy and I’m sorry… I’m sure we could work around it though’. Via wisdomsdaughter

4. I’d hooked up with this guy a few times before. I gave him a blow job, I swallowed, assuming at this point, we’re kinda close. No big deal. IMMEDIATELY after I swallowed, he looked at me and said, ‘That’s disgusting’. Via SomethingClever17 

5. My shirt came off and he remarked, ‘The Mounds of Sheba!’ Via King_F*ckface

6. I’m 8 months pregnant. He had just finished. He looks over and says, ‘That’ll do pig, that’ll do’. Via Yorkshire92

7. ‘This is probably the worst sexual experience of your life’. Via 11shoofie11

8. ‘Aaaand you just got pregnant’. Via THROWINCONDOMSATSLUT

9. ‘You make me want to go to confession’. Via imaybemeesh

10. ‘You can fart now’. Via howdareyou

11. ‘Sorry I ripped your tampon out to bang you, probably wasn’t my classiest move’.  Via internetuser101

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One reply on “11 Embarrassing Comments Guys Made After Sex”

I do know a guy who said two stupid things during/after sex (no, not to me; he confessed these to my boyfriend):

1) Moo. (’cause a friend told him cute animal noises would help get him laid.)
2) You look beautiful in the dark.

Guy’s not the brightest bulb I’ve met…

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