11 Exes Who Walked In On A Cheating SO During Sex And Had A Shockingly Creative Reaction

Anyone can get cheated on, and anyone can run out of the room crying and sobbing. That reaction is definitely nothing to be ashamed of, because it’s the most natural thing in the world.

But sometimes, if a person isn’t blinded by tears or the ingrained response they learned from Maury, they’re able to channel a superhuman power in the face of infidelity and do something creative. Cameras get involved. Mothers-in-law are called. In the best scenarios, both.

The following stories from the brave folks of Reddit will make you hope you get cheated on just so you can pull these off. Not really.

1. Chillhoneybunny28 is the brave photographer of your dreams.

One of my co-workers ran into her then-boyfriend’s house to get her phone charger before work. She walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. She then took a picture of them in bed, and SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER.

2. Takhesis‘ mom trusts the police.

My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad porking his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed.

3. Someone named chipmunksyndrome patented the insta-ghost technique.

I had to take lunch an hour early one day to cover for my sick boss that night. One of us had to be there at all times. I opened the front door and there they were on the couch, clothes scattered on the floor, scurrying to cover up. It’s burned into my head. At that point it gets blurry though. I froze for a second. I started seeing red and knew that if I didn’t get out of there something bad would happen, so I left. I got in my car, locked the door, turned off my cell phone and started driving. I went back to work and pretended nothing happened. She tried to call me, I always said I was on another line and would call back when I could. She showed up about two hours before I got off and I had them tell her I was with a customer. She went back home eventually but I didn’t. I slept in my car that night. I drove out on the local scenic parkway, parked at an overlook, and just sat on the hood of my car devastated. I didn’t move the entire night. I couldn’t sleep. When I went home, it was only because I had to work the next day. She asked if we could have an open relationship; I said no; she kept cheating; we divorced.

4. We’re counting imn0tg00d’s roommate’s reaction.

I walked in early from work. My door was locked. It’s never locked. So I super stealth mode opened the door and found her and my roommate in bed together. I simply had her move her shit from my room to his. I hooked up with one of her friends like a week later and she was pissed. They both moved out at the end of the month. She tried to break in after I went on deployment, but didn’t know that I found a new roommate. He pulled a sword on her, it was epic.

5. Smallblue is a DOG.

I’ll add a story. I didn’t walk in to the act, but walked in the evidence of the act (used condom). I chilled in her house for a bit, grabbed a beer from the fridge, drank it on the patio, fired up tinder and started swiping, peed on her toothbrush, then left!

6. Yeah, sometimes you just need a friend to step in like lil-one’s.

We had a huge fight the evening before regarding his odd behaviour and this girl in his life that I didn’t feel comfortable with. She ended up messaging me afterwards to assure me that they are like siblings and nothing would ever happen.

Fast forward to the next day I get a message from his best friend asking when he was coming back. So I called and told him we haven’t spoken since our argument. My ex told his friend that he was coming over to makeup with me and would be back in a hour…..4 hours ago. He had his phone off, which never happens, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he got in a car accident on the highway (he is a shitty driver) between our houses or something of that nature.

Went for a drive with his friends, stopped at a couple common stops of his, nothing. Then I figured I would check one last spot, her house. SURE ENOUGH there he was. Parked in the drive way, they didn’t even make it inside.

His friend hoped out of my car banged on his window, where they were buck naked, yelled “you got some shit to fix” ran back to my car, ex kicked the chick out naked on her driveway, and the car chase ensued down the highway back to my place where he begged and pleaded with me saying it wasn’t what it looked like blah blah blah. And that was the end of that. Bonus, his best friend became my best friend instead after that.

7. So cold and so calm by misstitch, who stuck to the plan.

I went to surprise my first college BF in his dorm room with a sweet note before he performed that night. Walked in to see him with other girl in his lap. Handed him the note without saying anything. Walked out.

Ignored/avoided him, but ended up in line next to each other at the cafeteria the next day.

Him: “So…I guess that’s it, then?”

Me: “Ya think?!”

8. She definitely still thinks of this savage line from i-come-from.

It was more like they walked in making out. We were due to get married in 1 week. I was studying and she was “out with female friends from work” I figured I’d just study at her apartment until she got in. Around midnight she comes through the door handsey and making out with a male co-worker.

Her mom has cheated from one relationship to the next and been married 4+ times and is a general mess. Her biggest fear is becoming her mother. So I said “Just like your fucking mother.”


9. Shellacked gave her the cold shoulder, body, everything.

My buddy walks into his GF’s room to some dude balls deep into her. He doesn’t even acknowledge his gf, tells the dude I want to talk to you outside. Dude comes out in his underpants saying he doesn’t want to fight, he could go to jail bc he’s a pro kickboxer. Gf is following them out to the front yard crying it’s not what it looks like lol?!? He was balls deep in.

Anyway my buddy says I don’t want to fight, what was she telling you? She told me we were exclusive. What did she tell you? He said she said she was only dating him (the kickboxer). My buddy tells him, not her, you can have her, and walks out without saying a fuckin word to his ex or even acknowledging her.

10. Wait, what? 4B1T has a tale from the other side (of the bean bag chair).

Tale from the other side: I was having sex with a girl in her student dorm (6’x12′ cell!) when her drunk BF walked in. I hid under a bean bag while they had sex less than a foot away from me. Such a weird experience, I’m still processing it.

11. Gingasnapzzz passed the buck.

Not me, but my father, walked in on his second wife riding another dude. He was talking to his neighbor one day and his neighbor asked if he had bought a new truck. Neighbor said he’s been seeing a strange truck at the house during the day when my dad was at work. My old man told the neighbor to call him at work the next time he sees the truck.

Couple days later, my dad gets a call. So he heads home and sure as shit, there’s the truck. So he goes into the house, walks upstairs and slowly opens the bedroom door to see his ex riding on top of another dude.

So instead of saying anything, he just stands there and waits for them to notice him. At some point they do, and he looks the guy dead in his eyes and says “I hope you’re having fun, because she’s all yours now.”

Apparently the guy almost shit his pants and apologized profusely. My dad knew who he was and basically just told him to shut up, but that she’s going to be living with him now so he better clear some space.

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