11 Frustrating Video Game Tropes, As Told By Reddit

11 Frustrating Video Game Tropes, As Told By Reddit –

When was the last time a video game made you truly frustrated? I don’t just mean a plot element that you didn’t agree with or frustrating with not being able to shoot things for a few seconds. Like a time you first noticed a recurring gaming trope or the time you have to watch that overlong cutscene for the 67th time. These are only some of the frustrating video game ties that bind. You can see the rest that Reddit dredged up below.

1. The things you’ll do for a fresh club…landolakes

Making me repeat an easy but tedious part over and over, just to get to the hard part to try again.

2. Spend all your time fighting and levelling up for a peashooter. NYstate

NPC: “Level 15 character, If you do this quest I’ll give you this mighty weapon that I killed 10 Blue Orcs to get.”

NPC: 3 hrs later— “Thanks now Lv 17 character, here is this ridiculously underpowered Lv 9 weapon! May it bring you good fortune.”

3. When _Secret_Asian_Man says he wants a hard game, he wants a HARD game.

When increasing difficulty just means enemies take less damage and you take more damage (no change in AI skill). I’m looking at you Elder Scrolls.

See also: Five headshots with a sniper rifle doesn’t kill an enemy soldier.

Edit: Spelling.

And yes, making more intelligent AI is probably a lot of work (I’m no game dev) but you have to throw us something :

4. JUST LET ME THROUGH iwinalot7

When you have a companion and they block a door and they won’t move.

5. Some things just weren’t meant to be jbourne0129

Driving games where street signs or small shrubs have the properties of a 50ton concrete block.

EDIT: The original ‘Dirt’ is where I experienced this the most.

6. Hope you have a snack, at least Mrfrunzi

Unskipable cut scene before a difficult boss. I don’t want to watch it again…

7. Pumping away, one experience point at a time simplerthings

Excessive grinding. Especially when there’s very little variance in mobs/dungeons/scenery/animations/quests/etc.

8. My old archenemy Calimariae

Invisible walls.

9. If the combat’s not good, fighting the same enemies over and over is what the 6th circle of hell must be like roark614

Recycled game elements as the story progresses.

“Wait, haven’t I seen this level before?”

“Funny, those baddies look and fight a lot like x enemy from x level.”

Also, overpowered enemies that should realistically be weak as shit. I’m tired of spending a game tracking down an informant only to find that he is 3x harder to kill than his army of trained hitmen.

10. Just let me take someone out if I mess up. That’s all I ask SirEDCaLot

Stealth missions. Specifically, the ones that insta-fail if you break stealth, even when you are powerful enough to easily defeat every guard that comes in response.

Far Cry 3 did this sort of thing right- if you want to take over a town and drive away the bad guys, if the enemies see you they will sound the alarm to call for help, a minute or so later 15 more enemies will drive up in trucks making things significantly harder.
So if you were good with the sniper rifle, you could pick off the enemies one by one (watching out for their sight lines), or you could try to shoot the alarm system panels (of which there may be several). A fully stealthy run was a reward for skill, not a requirement.

In that aspect, it’s like old school Sonic the Hedgehog. In Sonic 1/2/3 for Genesis, speed was a reward for skillful play, not a requirement to stay alive. You could, if you wanted, take 10 mins 9 mins 59 seconds to plod through the level. Or if you were good, you could blast through on the upper path and be done in a minute or less. Newer Sonic games however use lots of ‘dashing along a wire’ type mechanics where if you slow down at all you fall off and die. Not as good IMHO.

11. JUST. LET. ME. THROUGH. duggy747

NPC: “Follow me down this hallway”

NPC proceeds to walk at a speed that is faster than your walk but slower than your run.

12. Why should me shooting anything become HARDER when I’m about to die?? M-V

No more health bar in shooters.

You get some lead, bleed your eyes out for 10 secondes and then you’re back in the game, fit as a fiddle



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