SourceThe typical Indian film hero can put Hollywood superheroes to shame. Armed with unearthly skills that couldn’t be swayed by any version of kryptonite, this guy is as immortal as it gets. Bullets, henchmen, cars and trucks are but fodder for his stunt scenes. He might look like your next door uncle who was raised on a diet of jilebis but rest assured his fighting skills can have ninjas screaming harakiri. He bends the laws of physics and logic as he pleases, leaving behind a decimated and clearly perplexed group of goons and villains. So here you go, the many reasons why the typical Indian film hero can put Hollywood superheroes to shame!

1. Packin’ a punch


The Indian hero has muscles that could put ‘The Hulk’ to shame. Years of being raised on lassi and makhan has empowered him to degrees that are beyond comprehension. He packs a punch that can launch spaceships into orbit and henchmen straight down to hell!

2. No Horsing Around


The Indian hero requires no stuntmen, he can achieve feats that reinvents everything we know about stunts. Case and point, the fella above. Who else could convince a horse to lose half its hide by sliding under a truck. You horse whispering magician, you!

3. Because, physics!


When it comes to bending the laws of physics, the Indian hero is Dr Who, Einstein and Neo all wrapped into one beige body. So when he wants to take a quick look at the atmosphere, he will fire a bullet into the ground! Easy peasy!

4. No Woman No Cry


When it comes to saving damsels in distress, Superman ain’t got a thing on the Indian hero. Wherever there be a damsel in distress our flighty hero will arrive with his superior fighting skills to save her. The only catch being he’ll spend the next few hours hitting on her till she’s dragged unwillingly into a music number which involves a lot of running around trees!

5. Handyman


Innovative yet traditional, the Indian hero will use any and all weapons he can garner to his advantage. His years spent selling nariyal paani on the streets now help him send trucks flying through the air like a bunch of coconuts.

6. Vehicular Fortitude


What is fast becoming obvious is the fact that the Indian hero, well versed as he is in all frontiers, has an even tighter grip on his ability to manipulate vehicles. He can step off moving cars with the grace of a ballet dancer, he can send them hurtling into the air with just a flick from his bullets and he can grab goons out of said hurtling cars with a finesse that can put Deadpool to shame!

7. Style King


Rest assured, our hero is no flake when it comes to looking cool whilst kicking ass. He comes armed with signature moves and stylish stunts that broadly revolve around various ways to consume a cigarette.

8. Kaboom Man


The Indian hero loves blowing shit up. Explosions are kinda his thing. Nothing gets him off like a mind blasting blasting! Everything around the Indian hero begs to be blasted by his sheer electrifying presence. So much so he can even cause water to explode!

9. Weapons Of Mad Destruction


The Indian hero harbours within him an ability to convert anything around him into a weapon that causes mass destruction. He can use one goon as a weapon to ward off a hundred goons and he can hurtle a dying Gypsy into the air and destroy the villain’s helicopter.

10. Bulletproof


Oh, yeah, the Indian hero is bullet proof. Using tantric methods acquired from years of penance in the Himalayas, the Indian hero has acquired a skill called the mega butt clench which not only makes him immune to bullets but also bouncy enough to fire it right back at the villain.

11. Last Resort


The Indian heroes commitment to saving the day outshines the collective capacity of the Hollywood superheroes. He might be busy fighting the goons but that’s no reason to keep that heart surgeon waiting, he’ll chuck that shit right into the gaping hole in the patients chest, if it has to come down to that!


11 GIF’s That Prove The Indian Film Hero Could Kick Any Hollywood Superhero’s Ass!

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