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11 Glitches In The Matrix Somebody Oughta Look Into

11 Glitches In The Matrix Somebody Oughta Look Into –



1. The reflection of this text takes the italicism right out of it. The FUCK

via aviatorlj

2. I demand to speak with the programmer of this planet

via dsaddons

3. Cold medicine melted and now it’s elf shoes, the only explanation is that tiny elves control all of humankind

via arwyayen

4. These Dora socks fit A LITTLE TOO PERFECTLY through the holes of the shoes. Dora in the Illuminati, confirmed

via Pootthong

5. “Hey dude I think I lost my wallet at your place last night” “Weird I haven’t seen it”

via catsnstuffz

6. Aw fuck I didn’t realize this penny was magic I want it back

via crunchy_apple_boy

7. Reflection makes it look like this car sells pastries, which I’m taking straight to Shark Tank

via Flynnbojangels

8. Now this is the kind of glitch papa can get into. Satisfying

via focesar

9. The Men of Multitude

via thrashbandit

10. I don’t mind my cup is inverted but I SAID I WANTED PEPSI

via SW4506

11. The Shadow Realm is syncing with reality

via calpickle


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