Do you like scary stories? The following cases are completely real, and completely terrifying. If you’re nursing or pregnant, we recommend skipping this and moving on to cat videos.

1. An incestuous family of 40 was found in a remote Australian colony sexually abusing each other.
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You might just want to stop here if you get queasy. The family lived in the hills of New South Wales, and were the result of four generations of inbreeding. One family member named Kimberly, 13, described to local authorities having sex with her two uncles, aged 9 and 12, and regularly sleeping with her cousin Joe. They lived in two broken-down caravans, two tents and two sheds. With no running water or sewage, most members of the Colt family lived with debilitating mental and physical conditions in this real-life rendition of “The Hills Have Eyes.”

2. A South Carolina woman found her ex-boyfriend living in her attic 12 years after they broke up.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, south carolina ex-boyfriend in attic
One night in September 2012, a woman only known to the media as Tracy woke up to thuds and nailsprotruding from the ceiling. She told her older sons to check it out. As Tracy told the local news, “They found a man. He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit.” The man turned out to be her long lost flame. Upon further investigation they found the obligatory feces and urine in soda cups. To make matters worse, there was a vent above Tracy’s bed which allowed him to peer down at her while she slept. When her sons forced him to leave, he casually strolled out of the house smiling. He’s been on the run from the cops ever since.

3. Morbidly obese psychopath Joe “The Cannibal” Metheny created hamburgers with the remains of two prostitutes he killed, selling them to neighbors: “I opened up a little open-pit beef stand. I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches. They were very good.”
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, joe metheny cannibal
From 1976 all the way up to the ’90s, Metheny accumulated quite the murderous resume. On more than one occasion, the fat cannibal bastard couldn’t help but mix killing with his favorite pastime, eating. “The human body taste was very similar to pork. If you mix it together, no one can tell the difference,” he said.

In his trailer one night in 1996, a woman escaped from his clutches and booked it to the cops. “I turned around for a split second. She ran out the door,” he explained. “There was an eight-foot chain link fence with barbwire on top of it around the front. There was a stack of wooden pallets next to the fence about 10 feet high. That bitch scaled those pallets like a monkey and jumped the fence, and ran down the main road.” Metheny was sentenced to death, but in 2000, it was overturned for a life sentence.

4. Overtoun Bridge in Scotland has seen 50 dogs jump to their deaths.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, scotland bridge dog suicides
In one six-month span in 2005, five dogs killed themselves. Almost every dog has been of the long-snout breed (labs, collies and retrievers), and virtually every case happened on a clear, sunny day. To round off the weirdness, every suicide happened in the same spot. Some residents claim the bridge is haunted, and since dogs are particularly attuned to the paranormal, they act out.

5. A Toronto woman was at home watching Netflix with her boyfriend on a computer when it was unknowingly hacked, receiving pictures via Facebook the next morning with a creepy message: “Realy,cute couple [sic]”
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, mahmoud abdo facebook
Nothing is safe, not even Netflix and chilling. In July 2015, the couple was watching “Adventure Time,” said Chelsea Clark, when, “We obviously had no idea it was taking place in the moment, but retroactively it was like a really, really deeply creepy feeling. It was very unnerving. I mean it was like there’s someone just in your home with you.”

The next morning, Clark logged into Facebook only to find a message from one Mahmoud Abdo (she had security controls on her Facebook allowing only friends to message her). The hacker was traced all the way to Cairo, Egypt, but experts said the likely culprit was someone they knew.

6. A Russian girl named Olga called her mother and spoke to her three times as she was being mauled by bears.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, olga moskalyova bears
Olga Moskalyova and her stepdad Igor were camping on a river in eastern Siberia when a mother bear spotted them. The bear quickly killed the stepfather, breaking his neck and smashing his skull, only to set her eyes on the younger Olga. She managed to sprint 70 yards before the powerful creature pulled her to the ground.

“Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it’s such agony. Mum, help!” Olga told her mother in the first phone call. She thought she was joking, but eventually heard the horror in her daughter’s voice and the sounds of a bear chewing and growling.

A little later, Olga called back: “Mum, the bears are back. She came back and brought her three babies. They’re… eating me.” The mother called the local village and asked them to send help. But it wouldn’t come soon enough. One hour after the first call, the shocked mum received one final call: “Mum, it’s not hurting anymore. I don’t feel the pain. Forgive me for everything. I love you so much.” They found the mutilated bodies of Olga and her stepdad at the scene.

7. On October 21, 1978, pilot Frederick Valentich radioed air traffic control saying he was being followed by a UFO on a routine flight along the Bass Strait in Australia.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, frederick valentich ufo
“It’s approaching from due east towards me. It seems to be playing some sort of game…flying at a speed I can’t estimate. It’s not an aircraft. It’s…it is flying past. It is a long shape. I cannot identify more than that. It’s coming for me right now,” Valentich first reported. He also noted that the figure was illuminated by four bright landing lights, and that it would stop, stationery, and orbit around his Cessna 182.

The last thing Melbourne flight authorities heard before losing contact with him was the sound of scraping metal. They scoured 1,000 square miles for the wreckage, but couldn’t find a thing. Locals eventually came forward and reported seeing a UFO the same night it happened. Valentich’s final words were, “It’s not an aircraft,” before losing contact. The plane was never found.

8. Every owner of the phone number 0888-888-888 has died.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, 0888-888-888 phone number deaths
In the span of five years, three owners perished. In 2001, mobile company CEO Vladimir Grashnov died of cancer. Two years later, mafioso Konstantin Dimitrov was assassinated while out on a date. In 2005, real estate agent Konstantin Dishliev was killed eating lunch. The one common denominator — besides the fact that each of these men were involved in crooked affairs — was the number. The company in charge of providing it, Mobitel, discontinued the number to thwart further “incidents.”

9. A man in Japan found a homeless woman living in his cupboard, where she had been for a year, after noticing food was missing.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, japanese homeless woman in cupboard
This strange story out of Fukuoka — not pronounced “F–k you OK” — happened in 2008. The owner of the house set up a security camera which sent video to his phone, and one day at work he caught the squatter, 58-year-old Tatsuko Horikawa. “We searched the house, checking everywhere that someone could possibly hide,” police spokesman Hiroki Itakura said. “We then slid open the closet door, there she was, curled up nervously on her side.” Fuk that.

10. There’s a place called “Island of the Dolls,” which, you guessed it, is home to hundreds of mutilated dolls hanging on trees and fences.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, island of the dolls
As the story goes, around 60 years ago Don Julian Santana moved to an island on the canals of Xochimico, a borough situated on the outskirts of Mexico City. One day he went down to the water’s edge, where he saw a young girl floating dead in the water. He began an obsessive quest.

Whenever he would see a doll floating in the water, he would pick it up and hang it wherever he could. Eventually, he would trade homegrown fruits and vegetables for dolls to build upon his creation. But this is where it gets weird. In 2001, Don Julian was found dead, floating in the water in the same exact spot he found the little girl. To this day, hundreds of spooky, headless, armless dolls adorn Isla de las Munecas, which is now a morbid tourist attraction for only the bravest of souls.

11. An Atlanta couple found blood oozing from their house in 1987, where cops found blood splattered in five other rooms, including the basement, with no leads whatsoever.
true stories that make you go nope, true scary stories, atlanta couple blood house
Minnie Winston, 77, woke up her husband when she found a strange red substance in the kitchen. “Come look at all this red stuff coming out of the floors,” she told him. At first, she didn’t think it was blood, but forensics surely cleared the case, deeming it human, and type O. The detective on the case, Steve Cartwright, said, “It’s an extremely strange situation. I’ve been on the force for 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this.” The case remains unsolved.




1. Child abuse and incest is normal in Aboriginal communities. I’m not saying common, I’m saying normal. Has been, since Dreamtime. The introduced evils of porn and alcohol are worse. In western society, you’re thinking “How is porn and alcohol worse than child abuse?” It is when you take it past “Level: 9000”, all the way up to “Level: Abbo”

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