11 Little Things That Should Be Illegal Just Because Of How Annoying They Are

Sometimes there is nothing more annoying in the world than other people. People moving slowly in front of you, speaking loudly on their phones next to you, and trying to talk to you at the most inopportune moments. But, as much as it should be, none of this is actually against the law.

Over on Reddit, people shared the little things in life that are so annoying they wish they were illegal.


1. Come on, this is elevator etiquette 101. (via MultiTasker33)

Entering an elevator before people have exited said elevator. Pillory for the day.

2. Same goes for buses and trains. (via Cleverbird)

Can we also add public transport to this? So many dickheads think they can get into the train before passengers get off… I generally just try to shoulder bump as hard as I can into these kinds of folk.

3. Have these people heard of headphones? (via Shlano613)

Playing music out loud from your phone on the bus.

4. I guess not. (via HighOnGoofballs)

Not using headphones when watching videos in public

5. You are not the Monkees. (via IronScrub)

Walking in a group in public hallways or on sidewalks but all side by side so no one can pass you.

6. It’s the BATHROOM, folks. (via Sad_And_Obese)

Asking me questions while I’m using the urinal. I work in IT, coworkers see the bathroom as my office.

7. It’s called a “sidewalk” not a “sidestand.” (via Dinaatio)

People stopping for a chat in crowded areas or narrow places.

8. Can you not? (via Spazic77)

Leaving the God damned shopping cart in a fucking parking space.

9. Utterly criminal. (via Cortesana)

Making articles of clothing with fake pockets.

10. This truly does seem unsafe. (via rainforest_goddess)

Radio commercials that play car horns, sirens or crash sounds. Why?! Im driving!

11. These people can’t wait to get to hell. (via deflaimun)

Meetings that should have been an email.

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