11 Location-Based Tinder Collages That Paint A Picture

When you spend countless hours swiping left or right in a specific location, you tend to start realizing some…trends that seem location specific. There’s nothing wrong with them, but in case you wanna know what pics are popular in specific spots, these people are here to help you out with these big ole Tinder collages.

1. Tinder in Japan

Some places appreciate a filter more than others.

shonborishibori /

2. Tinder in Vancouver

Who knew Vancouver-ites loved yoga so much?

username-Czechs-out /

3. Tinder in Texas

See also: Tinder in Minnesota.

ImNotChineseOk /

4. Tinder in Peru

Mucho Machu Picchu.

evilpillow /

5. Tinder in Australia

Disappointed they aren’t taking pics with all their deadly bugs and animals.

NoNewLeaders /

6. Tinder in Utah

Lotta mommas.

among_shadows /

7. Tinder in Nashville

In Nashville, you’re the lame guy at the party if you DON’T bring a guitar.

becsford /

8. Tinder in Hawaii

How can you NOT take a pic in front of these delightful wings, though?

andbreak /

9. Tinder in northern Sweden

Fredrik, Ingemar, Mattias….yep this checks out.


10. Tinder in Orlando, Florida

Let the Disney-goers have their fun.

JessTheEgg /

11. Aaand Tinder in a small town

Sorry small-towners.

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