11 Men On Their Biggest Turn Offs On A First Date

I speak often about how hard dating is in today’s technology driven climate, and although there are plenty of benefits to online dating the truth is it allows us to nitpick every little thing, in the hopes that the next will be even better. As someone who is definitely guilty of doing this, I understand. We seek out faults in our dates and partners because we’re actually holding out for something that feels infinite, and like our search is over.

Little do we realize that we’re actually just shutting down perfectly lovely people for silly reasons and prolonging our search for true love. One of the things that turns me off on a first date is any mention of someone’s ex. I wanted to know what other people’s biggest turn offs were when it comes to first dates, so I asked 15 guys on their biggest turn off and this is what they had to say.

1. Fast Times

“If a girl isn’t willing to put out on the first date it’s a pretty clear sign it’s not going to work out. I’m a very sexual person so that is always the best indicator if it’s going to work or not.” -Chad, 24

2. Short Stop

“If a girl wears something really short or anything like a crop top then that is a no-go for me.” -Trent, 25

3. Scheduling Conflict

“If a girl wants to talk about the future too much. Like what her 15 year plan is, that usually means it’s not going to work out. I’m driven but I need someone who is willing to take the journey with me.” -Calvin, 23

4. Imperfect Pitch

“If a girl’s voice isn’t what I imagine it to be in my head I’m immediately thrown off. It’s why I only like to text a few times before setting up a date. If I talk to a girl for too long I invent this idea of who they are.” -Rob, 27

5. Giggle Fit

“If her laugh is too intense or she laughs at everything I do/ say then I’m so not about it. I love a girl who can laugh but it is so easy to find a laugh annoying lol” -Kevin, 27

6. Wasted Evening

“I hate it if a girl gets wasted during a first date; it’s clearly a warning sign that things aren’t going to work. One or two cocktails is fine but if I need to make sure you get home OK then its a major turn off.” -Cameron, 31

7. Snap Decision

“I cant stand it when a girl is rude to service industry workers. Like even if she snaps at a waiter to get their attention I’m outta the game. I used to work as a waiter in college so I’m really protective of anyone in the service industry.” -Lucas, 28

8. Marathon Woman

“I hate it when a girl won’t let a date end. Like if she needs to do drinks, then dinner, then a movie, then coffee it’s like damn it’s been six hours lets ease into this!” -Todd, 26

9. Culture Shock

“If she quotes movies or TV too much or only wants to talk about pop culture its really off putting.” -Sam, 30

10. Ex Factor

“If she talks about an ex boyfriend too much. I get that talking about exes is how you get to know one another, but at least save it for after the first date.” -Ryan, 27

11. Whine With Dinner

“I don’t like it when women complain about minor things like the food not being cooked exactly right or the temperature of the restaurant or something. You should be able to go with the flow or at least make sure little annoyances don’t ruin the date.” -Chuck, 25

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