11 Men Explain The Biggest Turn-Offs On Women’s Dating Profile

It turns out that men don’t just look at your Tinder pictures: they even READ your bio as well! Men on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Grindr, Scruf, OkCupid, Farmers Only, and all the other apps dished to Reddit the stuff they read on these profiles that make them immediately swipe left.

Here are the men of Reddit’s best tips for what to avoid on your profile. (None of them are admitting that you take advice on dealbreakers from Reddit.)


1. Sarcasm. How original, a_tame_zergling.

So many… but here’s two:

1) “Fluent in sarcasm so if you can’t deal with it don’t bother”

2) Long lists of their must-have qualities in men

2. SavoryStroganoff isn’t fluent in emoji.

If they have a long list of emojis that are supposed to represent different aspects of their personality. I see you’re part dolphin and really like the number 100? And double nope if one of those emojis is their astrological sign.

 emoji thinking hmm thinking emoji GIF

3. I *am* the drama, c_anthony.

Any typical signs of immaturity, poor spelling/grammar, or saying they hate drama because that almost always means they are drama.

4. LOL, __JeRM.

“I love to laugh.”

No sh*t. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like to laugh.

 laughing laugh haha leonardo dicaprio sarcasm GIF

5. Some women just want to be forced to breed as teenagers, Sevarra.

“Treat me like a princess!” always makes me chuckle. First of all, why do you think you deserve such treatment? Then, do you know how princesses nowadays are treated? Like totally normal women in most countries, and like broodmares and commodities in others. You want to be a Disney princess? Get a job at Disneyland.

6. bmothebest challenges you to come up with at least a few words.

“idk what to put for a bio”

Can’t wait to have a riveting conversation with someone that can’t make a single sentence about themselves.

 bored boring sarcastic cool story bro uninterested GIF

7. Netflix and pizza, Skeli10?

The biggest thing I have noticed is that after a while all the profiles sound the same. They all want to have fun, but also like a guy that can sit and watch netflix and pizza some days. They all want something more than just sex and will scoff at anyone who mentions it, but they really want sex otherwise they wouldn’t be looking for a partner. They all want a guy with a sense of humor. Did I mention pizza and netflix is a requirement? They all are “down to earth” and have some normal everyday thing that they play off as their battle.

I played the dating site game for a month or so and after a week I noticed I was talking to the same girl just different faces.

8. Worthington_Rockwell cracked the code.

“420 friendly” is usually code for “I can’t afford my own pot so let’s smoke yours.”

 trump mrw weed president 420 GIF

9. Yes, double standards are the worst, JudgeLanceEat-O.

“If all your photos are group pictures, I will assume you’re the ugliest one.”

A male would be crucified for saying this, yet I see profiles upon profiles of girls with only group pictures. You can’t even use process of elimination sometimes. It’s literally a guessing game.

10. blogerenazbo wants to be a daddy, not a father.

Kids. I don’t fault you for them, but I don’t want to be a father anytime soon.

 gene wilder no thanks oh uhh no thak you GIF gene wilder no thanks oh uhh no thak you GIF

11. You must be THIS TALL to ride, egbuijg.

Height requirements

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