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11 Modern Day Geniuses Who Deserve Grant Money


11 Modern Day Geniuses Who Deserve Grant Money

Get these folks to a lab, stat with wheelbarrows full of cash. There’s no telling the advances society could make if they were given the proper resources.

1. Now get a big ass ladder for the high dive

via youandmeandrainbows

2. Shotout to big piece of string


3. Fuck the haters. Keep drinking brother

via Barkboy63

4. IMPORTANT: Now you don’t have to do the awkward thumbs up when the barber holds the mirror behind your head and asks what you think

via youandmeandrainbows

5. Lazy mann + good boy = scientific innovation


via Axeeel

6. And now you get to rock those cool goggle imprint marks as well

via cardiomatters

7. Who needs a riding mower when you can

via Mr_vindictive

8. Streamlines all the chit chat so there’s more time for eating

via RobertClarke98

9. If your razor handle breaks, don’t buy a new one. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH RAZORS COST?!?

via AncientChineseSecret

10. Shine on, Justin. You crazy sonofabitch

via JustinHillister

11. Hmmm ok maybe don’t give this guy money tho

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