11 Movie Scenes That Were Too Offensive –


1. In the first book of the Divergent series, there is a particular nasty incident where a character is stabbed in the eye while sleeping. Main protagonist “Tris” stems the bleeding. Though the film crew did shoot the scene, it was deemed far too graphic for their intended audience.

2. This one is more about timing, than pure offensiveness. Only two weeks after the 2013 gangster drama released its first trailer—which showed people being gunned down in a theater—James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado cinema killing 12 and injuring 70. Due to the tragedy, the scene was removed from the film.

3. In Deadpool, TJ Miller and Ryan Reynolds are certified vulgarity gold. Their bar scene talking shit to each other is a highlight in a movie with very few lowlights. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear the worst of their sailor mouths. Director Tim Miller had to nix the original script written for the scene by the dynamically-nasty duo, saying, ‘Oh my God this is too far.’ If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve got to wonder just how nasty it was to be left out.

4. For a movie that was panned by critics and viewers alike, it’s not hard to imagine even more awfulness was left out. One such scene was cut because it was deemed too offensive for younger members of the audience. In the scene, Ozzy (Chirs Rock) and Drax (David Hyde Pierce) visit Gonad’s Gym in Frank’s (Bill Murray) testicles to question sperm working out there.

5. Apparently, there are varying degrees of how bad a back stab is when viewed by the MPAA rating bureau. In fact, simply having a weapon thrust from the rear coming out the front can take a movie from PG-13 to  “R” ratings. Thus, Coulson’s death had to be toned way down, with the theatrical release editing out the protruding blade completely.

6. In the scene, Murphy (Peter Weller) is captured by the gang he’s chasing. They force him to lay on the ground before viscerally blowing off his hand and arm with shotguns, ending with a bullet to the head. The original cut included a model of Weller’s head showing the extremely graphic exit wound. The morbid scene was toned down dramatically for theatrical release, lasting less than a second.

7. Anything made by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone is going to push things to the extreme. Team America had to be re-cut an incredible 9 times before the MPAA would even give it an “R” rating. Apparently, much of this grief stemmed from the genitalless puppets humping each other. The scene had to be significantly cut down and edited.

8. Though legendary Director Wes Craven refused to alter the opening sequence of the film in which Drew Barrymore’s character is stalked by the killer, he did agree to remove the shot of her boyfriend’s steaming intestines spilling out onto the ground.

9. Though he was eventually replaced, Cary Fukunaga had originally written an exceedingly creepier and unsettling version of the film adaptation. Fukunaga had originally decided to include the famous sewer orgy scene in which Bev, the only female member of the loser’s club, has sex with each of the boys to save them. Parents who read the original script were horrified accusing the producers of trying to “to hire underage actresses to make out with creepy old men,” and another expressing shock at how far a scene featuring forced incest went. With Fukunaga’s replacement, the film was re-written and these scenes were never shot.

10. Again, Ryan Reynold’s beloved anti-hero pushed things to their limit, eventually deciding against crossing the line entirely. Originally, one of the many post credits scenes was going to involved Deadpool traveling back in time to kill an infant Hitler. The scene was actually shot and played for test audiences, but when it received mixed reviews, it was eventually cut.

11. During the second film, Aniston’s character takes advantage of Charlie Day’s while he is in a coma. The rape scene was later left on the cutting room floor.


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