11 New And Very Dystopian Types Of Tech Being Pushed In 2018

11 New And Very Dystopian Types Of Tech Being Pushed In 2018 –



Pop culture has been preparing us for a potential dystopian future for decades, but it’s very likely that we are already living it. The dystopian technology out now makes the fascist techno-nightmare of George Orwell’s 1984 look backwards and primitive in comparison. The implications of these gadgets for humanity’s future are not good.

Because of invasive new technologies, more and more data is being collected on individuals than ever before. Social media is being used to spread dangerous propaganda and warp people’s perceptions of reality. The threat of a malicious artificial intelligence wreaking havoc on the world sounds less and less like science fiction every day. People are working on weird new gadgets to help protect themselves from all sorts of technological threats, but their efforts may not be enough in the long run.

It’s not clear what 2018 will bring in the end but, based on these technologies, the future is looking pretty grim. Browse the list below and vote up the tech trends that terrify you  most.

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