11 People Who Posed As Cops To Commit Horrible Crimes

11 People Who Posed As Cops To Commit Horrible Crimes

The 2014 movie Let’s Be Cops depicts police officer impersonation as a hilarious, almost carefree folly that comes with no real consequences. In reality, though, impersonating a cop is a federal crime, and one that real law enforcement officers don’t take lightly. The suspects involved in most police impersonation cases aren’t doing it to get girlfriends or whatever was going on in Let’s Be Cops. Their goals are far more sinister. Most cop impersonators pretend to be officers in order to commit other criminal activity and to perpetrate downright repugnant acts. These true crime stories of criminals posing as police officers will definitely not make you laugh. Instead, they’ll probably leave you wondering whether or not the guy pulling you over is a total fake.


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