11 People Share What Made Them Nope Right Out Of A Friendship

They say friendships are forever, but like…not ALL friendships. Some you just kinda stumble into and roll with for far too long until you realize you’ve made a horrible mistake.

1. CrypticConscience – Yes, that would be an acceptable friendship ending point.

He wrapped a rope around another friends throat and then attempted to stab me

EDIT: For all those asking for a backstory, he was a really bad friend, he tried to choke my buddy because he stole his seat, and when I confronted him he pulled out the knife and went postal

2. luca423 — Nobody likes the always super drunk friend.

He had a drinking problem and it started to become me baby sitting him whenever he got drunk because he’d just be a liability and eventually after trying to talk with him about it and him not accepting it I just kinda stopped hanging around him.

3. natlesia — 99% of long essay text message senders are blah.

When her boyfriend that we became friends with through their relationship posted in our friend group chat about struggling with depression and that he had to redo a year of college. In response, she wrote a long essay about what a lazy sack of shit he was that would never amount to anything because he didn’t try hard enough. This was one of many of the crazy nightmarish things she did, like call him 70+ times in an hour. My other friend and I realized that we actually liked him a lot more and that she was an abusive shit heel and dropped her. He’s now one of my longest lasting best friends so it was the right choice.

4. lizzylizzo123 — Yeah, no reason to hang onto this friend.

I always asked her to hangout and she always claimed to be busy. Easy enough to believe. One day I asked and as usual she says no–working. 15 minutes later she texts saying “I’m here”. Confused, I said “oh did you take off work?”. Her reply: “oh.. wrong person haha”. Haha indeed.


She got angry at me and demanded an apology. I didn’t know what I’d done, plus she had raging crazy pregnancy hormones. I asked what it was for, and she told me I knew what I’d done and she wouldn’t speak to me again until I apologized.

At the time I was CRUSHED. But as the days and weeks passed, I began to see how toxic she was. I found new hobbies. Life moved on. In hindsight, I’m glad she ended our friendship – life is a lot better without her.

By the way- I’m pretty she she was angry because I didn’t get excited enough over a $6000 crib she was thinking about buying for the baby. I just couldn’t get excited about a $6000 piece of furniture that would be used for two or three years at most.

Edit: the crib was just a crib. It didn’t convert into a toddler bed or daybed. It wasn’t even handmade by an Amish carpenter who bathed in water from a Tibetan spring or some crap like that. It was made in China and it was sold in a store that specialized in overpriced crap for people who have no financial skills.

6. Dom3495 — Two-for-one loss of friendships.

He asked my girlfriend for nudes. She delivered.

7. 3PinkPotatoes — Time to drop [friend].

Constant negativity. No matter what. Came home one one day looking drained & unhappy after spending the afternoon with her. My mom said to me: You always look this way after spending time with [friend].

And I was like I always feel this way after spending time with her. Huge eye opener. Cut the cord that day.

8. gestures_to_penis — Who slams a cat into walls?!

Came home from a work trip that lasted a few days, he was my roommate and was taking care of my cat for me. He got angry, slammed my cat into a wall and broke it’s leg. No matter how long I’ve known him, how many times I’ve felt burned by him in my life and how many times I’ve been forgiving, he hurt my little buddy.

9. FamiliarNameMissing_ — People who take pride in being difficult — why do you do this?

She was always angry at someone often for something she did. She didn’t get along with people & she as proud of being difficult. Eventually I realized while I loved her when we were children, I no longer cared for the person she had grown into.

10. ChalkBoardScratcher — Nah dude, I’m not big into felonies.

Conversation during a history class in high school, the dickbag said “We broke into 2 houses this weekend and got some cool shit, come with us next time dude.”

11. torikat74 — Something “really funny” to tell her

Long post, but:

I had 3 roommates my freshman year of college. Me, Emily, Hannah, and Danielle (names changed here). Danielle and I automatically clicked and it was great, and I got along really well with Hannah, but there was quickly tension between Emily and I. Emily was super neat & clean; Im a bit of a clutter bug. Regardless, I respected the fact that we had shared space, and I kept such spaces clean.

Except every now and then there would be trash left out, or dirty dishes. Small things at first that then became larger and more frequent. Emily blamed me, since I was the “messy” one. She would flat-out yell at me about it. I wasn’t the one doing it, but I didn’t know who was. I was really struggling with my anxiety disorder at the time and I would literally sit in my room and cry because I didn’t know what to do. The living situation became so toxic and full of anger. Danielle would always comfort me and talk about how much of a “bitch” Emily was. I was very shy and never had many friends, so I clung to Danielle as my one confident and support system.

Things escalated all year. One day Emily’s entire bottle of expensive shampoo was emptied out in the shower. Another day, someone had deliberately swept handfuls of crumbs underneath her door. It was fucking ridiculous. She and I ended up having a screaming match at each other during finals week, before we all moved out for the summer. Neither of us could come to terms with one another.

ANYWAY. It was like July and I was texting Danielle and she tells me she has something really funny to tell me. And she tells me that IT WAS HER THE WHOLE TIME. She told me she hated Emily, and she wanted to “play a prank” on her, so she was the one causing all the issues. She honestly thought it was funny, even though she’d watched me have anxiety attacks all year over all of it. She also said wanted to make sure I was close friends with her and not our other roommates, because she “didn’t want to lose me”.

Yeah, I basically dropped the friendship” real quick after that. I still think about the entire situation and how fucking crazy and childish it was. I’m also a bit ashamed that it took me until that moment to really step back and see how horribly she treated people. She still sometimes messages me and asks “why we grew so far apart”.

Ya, uh, It’s because you’re insane.

Emily and I are pretty good friends now, btw. She and I are going to be bridesmaids in Hannah’s wedding Saturday! 🙂

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