11 People Share Things They Were Told As Kids That Turned Out To Be Totally False

Kids are gullible — that’s just their nature. So it makes sense that a lot of kids grow up believing stuff that isn’t true. Sometimes it’s stuff other people told them, and sometimes it’s things they came up with on their own, but either way, it’s just downright wrong. Like, for example, you can swallow watermelon seeds. But if you had asked me at age 8, I would have warned you that if you did so, a watermelon would grow in your stomach. I’m now 80-85 percent sure this isn’t true.

Here’s 11 people sharing the things they learned as kids that turned out to be completely untrue. THANKS, liars (you know who you are).

1. Via grpfrt

My brother convinced me that the sound of cicadas in the summertime was actually the sound of the sun’s rays beating down on Earth. For years I believed him and would comment on how it “sounds” really hot outside.

Our parents are deaf so they just went along with it.

2. Via halbeshendel

That every time you flipped the light switch it cost an extra $0.25 in electricity. I suspect dad was trying to stop my light switch raves.


Turns out its totally legal to have that little light on in the front of the car while someone is driving.

4. Via culdesaccolony

It was late at night, we were driving home, and I was at that age where I ask a question every 3 minutes. For some reason I’m the only person in my family that’s never been baptised, and my little cousin had just recently been baptised, so I wanted to learn more. I asked my mum if you get baptised do you have to become a priest. She probably didn’t listen, and I can’t blame her, because she gave me a very offhand “yes”.

I was so smug knowing my cousin was resigned to be a priest & I could be whatever I want. What a little shit I was.

5. Via Y3KPrepper

It takes 7 yrs for swallowed gum to dissolve in your stomach

6. Via WinterPhotos

If you push someone else’s belly button, they’ll explode in ten years.

I was terrified at age 6 when my brother pushed mine.

7. Via UnspoiledWalnut

You can totally have appetizers for dinner, the restaurant doesn’t even care.

Edit: Apparently this is confusing, as I guess I technically I phrased it backwards. As a kid, I was told you aren’t allowed to have appetizers for your main course, and obviously you are very much allowed to if that is what you desire for dinner.

8. Via scaremenow

Last week, for the first time (24 years old) I realised you could eat half of your dinner, take the other as takeout for a lunch later in the week and save some belly room for dessert.

I used to think that you could only get dessert in a restaurant if you finished your plate first.

9. Via hollis_rae

My mom told me and my twin sister that when it was foggy outside it was because the frogs were singing and she would say “it’s froggy outside.” My twin literally argued with a teacher about what fog is and where it comes from. She told a whole class it was because frogs were singing and then went home and told my mom that the teacher was crazy and teaching us wrong information.

10. Via saltnotsugar

That Santa was shot down over Algeria. Some kid in my kindergarten made it sound like a breaking news story so we all believed him. Turns out there isn’t a Santa.

11. Via cornycornpops

I was told that when you go to the bathroom on a plane and flush, your poop literally falls down but it all falls apart into small pieces before it hits anyone.

I didn’t find out the truth until I was 24. I went on a trip with my 2 best friends and they were confused as to why I was busting but refusing to go to the bathroom. I told them I had to wait until the plane hit a certain altitude so I don’t attack someone underneath…


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