11 Real Life Mini-Games That Are Tough As Hell

11 Real Life Mini-Games That Are Tough As Hell

Which mini-games do you find yourself playing in real life?

1. Economy_Cactus — If you’re around someone long enough, your poop cycles sink. It’s just science.

In my day to day life I have one that I struggle with everyday. My Fiance and I share a rental house with one bathroom.

Her and I have completely synched up poop cycles. It is weird. Like, it is down to a tee. Eating out at restaurants is even hard because one of us needs to stay back to watch the purse coats, whatever. My brain doesn’t even seem to register sometimes that I have to poop until the second she heads to the bathroom.

Not only that, but it just happens that each time is also an emergency. So what is my game? If I feel the slightest sensation to poo , sprint towards the bathroom NOW.

Then I hear her from the other room. “You aren’t going to the bathroom are you?”

Hell yes I am.

And I won.

2. Jaymanbruhbruh — Ahhh, the worst mini-game.

Removing a splinter from your finger with a needle. This game has too much haptic feedback.

3. bulldog0256 — I play this one all the time.

Shoving your change/cash/receipt into your wallet before the next person goes, which you can cheat and put it in a pocket but that unlocks the second mini game of can you get your keys/bus pass out without spilling coins all over the ground like an asshat

4. beefnachosftw — Or roommate.

Trying to open a bag of chips/food/snack without your dog hearing you.

5. _Goose_ — The most stressful mini-game.

Raise negotiations

6. SuzQP — How do people do this with ease?

Opening the impenetrable plastic clamshell packaging without a trip to the ER

7. DrSeuzz — Stealth lvl 100.

Adjusting a surprise boner in a public place without anyone seeing.

8. biomech36 — I hate this mini-game but it happens far too often.

You have 50 dollars to last 9 days.

9. Weep2D2 — I choose one more episode. Always.

One more episode or bed.

10. atomicheart99 — In this mini-game, there are no winners.

When an oncoming person is walking towards you and you keep stepping to the same side

11. phatblackdude — Gotta be quick.

Checking out someone without being caught

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