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11 Sad Saps Who Got Owned Into Oblivion

11 Sad Saps Who Got Owned Into Oblivion


1. Can’t imagine the Insta comment pickup has a high success rate


2. You will not treat me right because you will not be dating

via ChantelJeffries

3. When you’re maybe a little too sensitive

via CantWankUp

4. Sorry dingle boy, back to the drawing board

via odway

5. Ah the impressive, artesenal “owning yourself when nobody would have known otherwise”


6. Gotta imagine this person dropped Meteorology shortly thereafter

via msflowername

7. Who trolls the troll? The trolls mom, actually

via RTrooper

8. You wanted her attention, you got it

via ShoeFuck17

9. ?

via banana__phone

10. Ah, the return of the self-own. Rare to find two in one sitting

via zoogly123

11. Not taking the hint AT ALL


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