11 Sex Secrets We’ve All Been Dying To Ask A Male Pornstar

11 Sex Secrets We’ve All Been Dying To Ask A Male Pornstar



Chances are you’ll recognize legendary adult entertainer Johnny Sins. He’s the guy who has performed with some of the hottest porn stars in the industry, with his Greek god-like physique and bald head plowing the way as one of the top actors in the business. We recently hit him up for an interview and we’re thrilled when he agreed to dish out the goods. The man is on his way to the hall-of-fame.

Just a heads up, we get extremely detailed with his secrets so you may want to put the kids to bed before you read this. So take notes, your significant other may appreciate it.


Absolutely! I use a combination of mental and physical attributes to prolong sex. If I feel like I am going to climax too early I’ll start with mentally trying to get my mind off of how good it feels. Basically distract yourself with math, baseball, anything that gets your mind off it. That might not be the most fun method though since you really should be enjoying the sex. I really only do this on set. Physically, my go-to moves are to thrust deep and hold it for a few seconds, or as long as you need until that climax feeling goes away. Another method I use is to just pull out and go down and eat the girl out, she’ll love it and think you just love her pussy that much that you had to taste her. Once the “oh shit I’m going to cum to soon” feeling goes away, go back at it and repeat!

I think it’s extremely important. I manscape about once a week but if I’m doing a scene I shave everything clean in the morning. I don’t like the bald look so I leave the top pubes and shave my balls, shaft, anywhere with hair. It’s just very visually pleasing on camera plus I want my partner to be able to lick, suck, and fuck any part of me without hesitation.


This completely depends on the person your asking! If it’s with your partner dont make it about a specific person, make it about the experience you can share together. Your partner will not want to have a threesome with someone they think you have a crush on so try to choose someone neutral or even someone you don’t know. Always pay attention to both people in the threesome equally, maybe just a little more to your partner. Make them feel special by making eye contact with them even though you might be fucking someone else. Make them feel as comfortable as possible and you could find yourself having alot more threesomes!

Most plus size women I come across are extremely horny and ready to please!

Foreplay is awesome and I don’t know why any guy wouldn’t want to do it. When you find the right spots you can make your partner cum at will! Find the gspot, suck on her clit, eat her ass in just the right way and she’ll be cumming before you even think about fucking her. A lot of guys get nervous they aren’t going to be able to make the girl orgasm, but if she cums before you even penetrate you can relax and enjoy the ride. Go slow at first every girl has different spots but once you find them she is putty in your hands or fingers or tongue!

I’m not a very vocal guy in bed but if the girl likes dirty talk it’s not hard to come up with a few things to say. For basic dirty talk you can just describe what’s going on, such as “my dick is so hard for you, I’m going to slide it in your right little pussy nice and slow, inch by inch until I’m deep inside you and make you cum all over that dick, cum all over it, I want to feel your cum gushing all around that cock” or something like that! It’s also hot when you whisper in her ear as your fucking, things like, “your pussy feels so good, my dick is so hard for you”, or “I’m going to fuck you until you cum all over yourself and can’t walk straight”. Don’t talk too much though or you might be annoying and ruin the vibe!

Yes absolutely get out if the bedroom! Change it up, make things more interesting and more exciting! Sex in the same place can become mundane, don’t get stuck in the rut of only fucking in the bedroom. Some of my favorite places for sex outside the bedroom are the shower, your already naked, and wet, bend her over and fuck her doggystyle as the hot water runs over your bodies. Outdoors or in semi-public places like dressing rooms or bathrooms are also another favorite spot. Nothing is hotter than being out and so horny you have to fuck right there in the public bathroom. My girl, Kissa and I once got kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for fucking in the men’s room of the casino! A janitor cleaned the stall beside us and must have reported us because security was waiting for us as we left! Another favorite place of ours in the car. We go on dates and she gives me road head on the way to dinner or wherever and we usually end up fucking in the back seat before the date even starts!

Both are important but I think chemistry is most important. Even the most beautiful girls can come across ugly and unattractive if they have a bad personality. You still have to be attracted to the other person but a good personality trumps beautiful looks any day! Find a partner with both and you hit the lottery.

In my experience, most girls love to have their ass licked and played with while getting fucked. Start slow and get her comfortable. Always lick her ass when your performing oral, go back and forth, lick her ass and rub her clit at the same time. Touch around her asshole when you’re in doggy or cowgirl and when she’s comfortable with it slide the tip of your finger in. Girls cum a lot with the extra stimulation of a finger in the booty! Once they realize how good it feels they will want to feel what it’s like to get fucked in the ass. Most girls absolutely love it but there will be some that consider that exit only!

Start slow, get the pussy nice and wet with your spit. Gently lick her clit with your tongue, work it up, don’t go to hard at first. Lick all the way from her clit to her ass and back and forth. Gently nibble on her clit, test it out and nibble a little harder finding just the right amount of pressure, suck her clit, open her pussy and bury your tongue deep inside, suck on her pussy, work every area focusing on her clit. When she’s close to orgasm, if you’re doing it right, she will be, don’t change, do exactly what you’re doing until she cums in your mouth. Suck her pussy, suck all the cum out and feel what it’s like to have your head in a vice, her legs are so tight around it. Then passionately make out with her with her juices all over your mouth, letting her know how good she tastes.


It’s hard to explain but girls that just have a little extra something, their vibe is chill but they are also confident in their own skin. I think that’s sexy. I also love girls that take care of themselves, like working out and eating healthy but also don’t need to put a full face of makeup on every day to feel sexy. Casually hot, I like to call it.

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