11 Summer Drinking Accessories No Beach Bum Should Be Without

All I need is sun, sand, and a drink in my hand. Oh and a few of these awesome gadgets.

1. The Beach Glass

Finally a wine glass that can go from cabana to deep end without skipping a beat.

2. The Chillsner

This “corksickle” ensures that you’ll never have to wait for the beer to get cold again. Freeze it, stick it in your bottle, and drink right through the device for an ice cold beverage.

3. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Carved from the best Himalayan pink salt, these shot glasses give your your taste buds a salty twinge, which helps the tequila go down nicely. Also salt is naturally antibacterial so you don’t have to worry about cleaning mid-fiesta!

4. Floating Beer Pong Table

Garage too hot? Take the party to the pool with this awesome floating game board. Just be careful not to splash pool water in the cups.

5. Lime Scissors

The Kuhn Rikon Citrus Knife lets you snip lime wedges that are perfectly-sized to slip into narrow bottle tops. It also includes a folding grater/zester and a rind-notcher is built-in to make peeling fruit easy.

6. Whiskey Stones

Why chill your whiskey with “rocks” that water it down when could use these natural soapstonesthat will keep it cold and potent?

7. The Tailgater

This mixed drink dispenser is worn like a backpack so that you can play bartender and still mingle with your BBQ guests!

8. The S.S. Goodtimes

Whether you’re floating down a river or drifting around the pool, you’ll want to do it in this beer-friendly inflatable that features cup holders AND a cooler.

9. Glasses of Steel

These stainless steel cups have been proven to prevent ice from melting 45-105 minutes longer than plastic, ceramic and glass cups. Also no glass in the pool area!

10. Suntan Lotion Flask

This camouflaged liquor holder is perfect for those times when your cocktails need to be incognito.

11. Bottle-Opener Sandals

With this comfy footwear, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your bottle opener at home again.



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