11 Tasty Thanksgiving Memes To Get You Ready For That Turkey

It’s that time of year when you go home and see your family since, well, last year probably.

Everyone’s there: Uncle Drew who needs you to fix his computer, your Memaw Bertha who needs you to fix her iPhone, your parents, who need you to fix that “goddamn Kindle” for the eighth time (guys, you have to charge it).

At least you know you can feast your eyes as well as your bellies on some good ol’ Thanksgiving treats.

1. Riding the gravy wave.

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2. “So do you have a girlfriend yet?”

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3. Hey Aunt Carol, maybe just fuck off for a second?

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4. God why?

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5. Can’t wait to fist this bad boy.

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6. Hey, what’s the whole family doing here?

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7. I swear to GOD mom, I’ll tell everyone I’m a liberal if you don’t shut up.

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8. Wish I could help but…

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9. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

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10. Look at me one more time, Robert, I fucking dare you.

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11. Leave room for dessert!

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