11 Theme Park Employees Share Their Wildest Stories

Many a childhood is colored with a visit to a theme park. Hot weather, overpriced food, and annoying fellow patrons are nothing compared to the thrill of your first coaster or seeing your favorite character in the flesh for the first time. Depending on your perspective and your tolerance for excessive capitalism, it might even still be worth the hassle all these years later.

Going to the parks is one thing. Experiencing them as a worker is another story entirely. Some workers from Disney World, Six Flags, and other parks took to Reddit to give the most wholesome and…not so wholesome behind-the-scenes park stories possible. Keep this in mind next time you think about Splash Mountain

1. Damn so this man really ruined his kids’ vacation?? indigofireflies

2. Truthfully Disney World does need to sell more cotton candy Bkbee

3. If John Boyega is at your theme park, make it your priority to say hi to John Boyega Ballor_I

4. I hope you didn’t get too hot in your shirt. I’d have revealed that band right away wearing long sleeves in Florida EnemysGate_Is_Down

5. Short sweet and traumatizing gammagoo

6. Vomit rain is the theme park christening LodgePoleMurphy

7. I’m not crying…you’re crying mouseintheclubhouse

8. *tears continue indefinitely* KnockMeYourLobes

9. Being a good sport >>>> insertcaffeine

10. That’s a champion right there rnaggie

11. The Disney Police let them have that one 69Milfs

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