11 Things About Sex Everyone Should Know –


Most of us had to sit through some sort of sex education class. I remember we spent a week on it my freshman year of high school health and it was the most awkward, hysterical week of my entire school career. Not only that, but most of the knowledge I gained was neither helpful nor particularly humorous–or up-to-date for that matter. The following facts, however, are informative and provocative. This is the kind of shit they should be teaching!


The average man lasts a staggering six minutes in bed. The average obese man, however, lasts a full 7.3 minutes. Another reason to rock that dad bod! Wondering why this is the case? Scientists believe overweight people have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradiol. This chemical imbalance in men inhibits the male orgasm.



Pillow talk isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, most of the time is bullshit apparently. This is believed to be cause by the fact that we’re all trying to impress our partners, ensuring the deed happens and that they’re having a good time.



This has been somewhat alleviated through engineering and changing designs, but the pressure of the bicycle seat against a man’s groin can lead to permanent decrease in sexual function.



All those radio waves and junk floating in the air seem to be killing off our swimmers. Pesticides and other hormone-disrupting chemicals as well as diet, stress, smoking and obesity are also largely to blame.



According to this study, those who make more money tend to have more sex. This study did, however, focus on Greece which could lend more or less credence to it depending who you ask.



Since shaved or waxed skin is so much more vulnerable to tearing and cuts, it’s far easier for infections to set in.



The spasms of a female orgasm help to push sperm into the cervix. So, if you’re trying to make a little person, make sure you please your woman completely.



… but the right is usually larger. There are many theories for why this is the case, such as each testicle being a different size and length so they don’t press against each other and can better control temperature.



That’s right, each man has enough swimmers to knock up every woman on Earth. Is this nature’s way of fighting extinction in case you ever are literally the last man on Earth?



But not just that, many other tissues in your body swell also. This is caused by the increased blood flow to blood vessels throughout your body.




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