11 Things That Were Invented Way Earlier Than You Think

11 Things That Were Invented Way Earlier Than You Think

Vaccines- 1796

The first ever vaccine was introduced in 1796 by someone named Edward Jenner. It was a rudimentary version of the cowpox virus used to eliminate Smallpox.

Batteries- 1800

Italian inventor Alessandro Volta created the battery by using stacked metal disks and brine-soaked rags to produce electricity.

Microphone- 1876

After Alexander Graham Bell released his telephone, a German clerk named Emile Berliner found that the transmitter on the phone was too weak for his liking. So, he invented the first microphone that amplified the noise that came from the telephone.

Dishwasher – 1886

Josephine Garis Cochran invented this machine that had a bunch of slots for dishes and a rotating wheel that shot out water and soap onto the dishes. She brought her patent to the company that would eventually become Kitchenaid.

Contact lenses – 1887

Artificial-eye manufacturer F.A. Mueller came out with these contact lenses that were made entirely of glass and were meant to cover the entire eye.

Escalator – 1891

Jesse Reno, a New York designer, installed the first ever “escalator” at the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island.

Car radio – 1919

Way back before the Aux chord, early car radios required wires to be strung about the car in order to receive a signal. A. H. Grebe came up with a way to have a portable car radio that was powered by a separate battery in the back seat.

Drone – 1964

The Lockheed D-21B was the first ever unmanned aircraft to be invented. They were used to take photos from above but were discontinued due to a high crash rate.

Internet – 1969

The internet was once something called ARPANET, and it was used to send the word “LOG” letter by letter from one computer to another on October 29, 1969.

Cell phone – 1973

The first ever cell phone was made by Motorola and had a call time of 30 seconds. It weighed 2.5 lbs and took 10 hours to charge.

MP3 player – 1979

Kane Kramer, a British inventor, is responsible for the first ever mp3 player. It was called the IXI and was about the size of a pack of cigs, had four buttons, and could hold 3 and a half minutes of music.

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