11 Things To Do When You’re Low On Cash


Here are several ways to earn and save money.

1. Sign up for free food near you.

Many different restaurants offer a free item off of their menu when you sign up for their rewards program, or emails. You can make a fake email if you plan on having a one night stand with Panera to get a free cookie, or you might start to take advantage of a program you never thought of. You will save money in the future with your new rewards and coupons, or you can fill up on free appetizers from all of your local restaurants and save money on a meal. Click here for a website that shows some of the most popular restaurants for free food.

2. Donate plasma.

If you are 18 years or older, you can earn money by helping people. Depending on your weight, most places will offer $20-$50 for your blood. Many places will also offer a bonus if it is your first time. Be sure to look up the location online to check and see what paperwork you will need and if you meet the requirements.

3. Clean your neighbor’s bathroom.

Look for websites that offer freelance cleaning services near you. Many websites, like Care.com, will allow you to sign up to have your house cleaned or to clean someones house. Some houses will come with cleaning supplies, and some will require that you bring your own.

4. Take surveys.

If you have spare time, taking surveys online can help you get gift cards or cash! Swagbucks.commypoints.com and opinionoutpost.com are my favorite. Watch some videos and answer questions about your preferences and you can trade in points for money!

5. Return cans.

If you live in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Vermont, or Guam, you’re in luck! These states offer money for your cans and bottles. If you live in Michigan, you probably already know this because this is the only state that offers $0.10 per can. Round up the cans around your house then check and see if any of your friends or family has any sitting around.

6. Clean out your closet.

Selling your clothes to any local thrift shops can help put a few extra dollars in your wallet. Just make sure you don’t look around too much because you might leave with less money. You could also sell your clothes online to other people if the thrift store is too far of a drive or they won’t accept all of your clothes.

7. Drive around town.

Uber and Lyft are apps that work like a taxi. Working for these companies can help you make extra cash by helping someone in need of a ride. You will have to register your car with the company and keep it neat so you can get good reviews.

8. Walk a dog.

Animal lovers unite with Wag, the website that allows busy pet owners to hire people to walk their dogs. You get great exercise and get extra cash.

9. Get your neighbor’s groceries.

Work for a grocery delivery company like Shipt to help you out. You can go to the store, put your headphones in, and get paid to shop. Just be sure your car is large enough to cart the groceries to the customer’s house!

10. Check under your cushions.

I know it sounds funny, but searching for change can make a difference. Clean your house and clean out your car and put all of your change in a jar and take it to a bank or Coinstar.

11. Write an article.

Writing for vocal.media will help you get some extra cash. If you enjoy reading or writing, this may be the best option for you. Signing up is free and it won’t take much time to move past that writer’s block.

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