11 Times People Accidentally Walked In On People Having Sex



1  stayshinycapn — (It was people)

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We were 12 and walking in a group of 5 on the beach under the moonlight. One of us sees what we think is a seal lying very quietly on the sand, waiting until our group passed by.
It was not a seal.


effieokay — I…I didn’t wanna imagine 3 slippery Santas wrestling.

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I was a silly teenager out in a forest looking for mushrooms (spoiler: they don’t even grow in my region).
I walked into a little clearing where three portly older naked dudes were on a blanket and… doing a lot of stuff.
Imagine 3 slippery Santas wrestling.
They did not see me and I backed away slowly.


robbie8six — Ultimate power move by the man.

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I was a pizza delivery boy fresh out of high school, and the place I worked for had a 25 minute delivery guarantee happening at the time.
Between placing the order and me arriving to their house, (I’d arrived within 10 minutes as the address was close by) they’d decided that’d be a good time to “get down to business“. I arrived, walked up to their open front door and knocked.
In full view of the front door, they were going at it like rabbits. The woman, hearing me knock, hastily covered her self exclaiming “OMG OMG”, while the man just casually walked to the door completely naked and erect with his cash. He even stood there waiting while I counted out his change.
It was probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever encountered.


Ullans — Damn, probably the best possible outcome after walking in on a couple.

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I had a hotel room booked on a trip to Queensland, Australia and they gave me the key to a room that was apparently already inhabited. Walked in to a lovely couple enjoying some doggy style action. Immediately closed the door, they hadn’t heard me thankfully, and went back to explain the mistake to front desk. They were mortified and moved me to a penthouse room with amazing views of the waterfront along with some free chocolates and dinner.


UndercoverJJ — Just a couple kids gettin’ it on at the olive grove.

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My little sisters 16th birthday. I was definitely too old to enjoy myself. We had an olive grove down the back of our house. Later on in the night, I walked down there into a crowd that had formed. The group was standing around watching two kids doing it. For the first time. It still haunts my dreams.


kris_is_trash — Well this isn’t a library book at all.

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I was around 11 y/o when it happened. I was in bed when I remembered that I had to return a library book the next day, but I forgot where I had left it. Cue me looking all over the house at night for it and then entering my parents room to find my mom riding my dad. I made direct eye contact with my mom for a few seconds before quickly closing the door and rushing back to my room


ahoutari — Good for The Eater.

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I work security on my campus. There were a few time walking in on couples making out or something, but one time I walked into the art building to close it up. I normally didn’t check the basement because there wasn’t ever really anyone down there. It’s the play costume area. This night there was a play earlier so I decided to check it. I walked through and there was this one door closed but it had a small glass window. I saw one girl with her legs spread and another girl with her face in between them eating her out pretty voraciously. I knocked on the door and kinda ran and cleared the rest of the building then went and checked to make sure they had left. I go to a small school so I knew who the girls were. The eater is married now to a guy, I never really told anybody about it.


VaultBoy42 — “I am here to eliminate pests and/or relationships.”

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I did pest control while in college, and for the apartments I sprayed I had a master key. The deal was that after knocking for a minute, if no one came to the door then I went in and announced my presence just in case, then I would spray, leave a card and lock back up.
So I knock, no answer, I open the door. From the doorway I could see clear through into the bedroom and I could see the edge of the bed sticking out. What I saw were two giant trunks of legs hanging off the edge of the bed, bouncing, with a mostly naked woman riding on top.
The woman screamed, I immediately slammed the door and took off to the next apartment. Never saw them again thankfully.
Side story
A month later in a neighboring apartment, I came across a guy beating on the door. He looked frustrated and he claimed his girlfriend lived there but wasn’t answering the door. I told him I couldn’t let him in, but I’d let him know if I heard the shower running or something while I was in there. I figured she just couldn’t hear him.
So I open the door, again able to see clear through to the bedroom, and I can see the girl and a different guy curled up on the bed together. They were clothed but she clearly got up panicked. I told her the first guy was outside, like she didn’t already know. They got into a screaming match while I sprayed the apartment. I just kind of shot a Jim face at the guy on the bed and got the hell out of there.


mikejones0771 — Fair point.

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I threw a house party and put a sign on my bedroom saying “off limits”. A friend told me he heard someone in my room so I entered and saw the prom queen riding a buddy of mine. I quickly exited the room. Later that night he came up to me and said “I’m sorry about having sex in your bed but at least you got to see Alexa naked, we cool?” And we shook hands and never spoke of it again.


ConsciousSackcloth — “I guess now is the perfect time for the speech.”

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I was probably 13 and home on a Saturday night. My parents had been drinking and listening to loud music in the living room so I was in my bedroom. Around 10pm I no longer heard music or talking so I decided to go watch tv in the living room… walked in on my parents doing it with all the lights on.
They didn’t see me and I immediately turned around and went back the way I came, mortified. Unfortunately we lived in an older house so they heard the floors creaking as I rushed back to my bedroom.
A few minutes later I heard my parents drunkenly stumbling down the hall so I turned off my bedroom light and jumped in to bed, pretending to be asleep. I heard them knock on my brother’s bedroom door next to mine (he was 10). Since he was still awake and playing video games in his bedroom, my parents assumed he had been the one who walked in on them. My dad, who was pretty drunk at the time, launched in to an hour long awkward talk about “the birds and the bees” while my brother sat completely confused as to what the fuck was going on.


DashCat9 — Think I’ll be passing on this.

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Was at a party. Door to the living room area was closed for some reason. Weird. Open door. Half of my friends at the party are engaging in an orgy. Close door.

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