We should never make fun of someone for something they were born with, but it’s tough ignoring a real punchable face when you see one. Regardless of what emotion they are trying to convey, these actors will never shake off their punchable face.
Charlie Sheen
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
This is probably a given, and “Wild Thing” probably wouldn’t even feel your punch, but after all the antics in his career he’s pretty much begging for a punch. If his face isn’t enough to welcome one of your punches, just remember that he had a big part in bringing “Two and a Half Men” to the world.


Nick Cannon
Funny, Actors With Punchable Faces
It’s kind of surprising that Nick Cannon is still relevant, but I guess being the host to the dumpster fire that is “America’s Got Talent” helps. And he hasn’t done anything okay in his career since he did Mariah Carey, but aside from all that look at his face. It’s asking for it.

Tobey Maguire
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
Maybe it was a good idea that Spider-Man has a mask on because it would have been tough to deal with anymore screen time from Tobey Maguire and his face that yells “deal with my condescending approach to everything.” I try to enjoy his movies, I really do, but he should do something with his face.

Mark Wahlberg
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
Even though he used to refer to himself as Marky Mark, you still wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him, but man does he have the perfect schmuck face. And he always looks like someone said something bad about him and he’s trying not to beat them down.

Luke Wilson
Funny, Actors With Punchable Faces
It is hard to forget that Owen Wilson is his brother since they seem so different, but it baffles me to see how many nice guy roles Luke Wilson attempts to play when his face looks like your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend who she says she is still friends with, but he will still make sly remarks about her body. Yes, his face says all that.

Channing Tatum
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
The man has somehow sneaked into Hollywood fame using his face to woo women thus distracting them from his acting. His face just screams “yeah, I own multiple wife-beaters.” And I guess wife-beaters are okay if you wear them at home away from public eyes, but Channing wears it to go buy coffee because that’s what a guy named Channing does. The smugness hurts my eyes.

Joaquin Phoenix
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
While a fantastic actor, his ” hating and judging everyone and everything around me” face is hard to deal with. We know he hates accolades and anything mainstream, but he also hates having a passable face as that would be too mainstream.

Jaden Smith
Funny Photos, Actors with Punchable Faces
I’m not saying I want to punch a kid, I’m just saying that this particular kid has a very punchable face. His face is telling everyone that he is confused and therefore must question everything in existence.

Jeremy Piven
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
Perhaps it was his role as Ari Gold on “Entourage” that finally cemented Piven with the “my face is the perfect contour for your fist” vibe, but now your fist might clench anytime he makes a television appearance. Although my anger management class I attend twice a week is supposed to fix that.

Joel McHale
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
Weekly appearances on “The Soup” should help us become more comfortable with Joel McHale’s face, but then he smiles and speaks and our comfortableness just flies out the window and we remember, that yes, he still has that face of his.

Jason Sudeikis
Funny Photos, Actos with Punchable Faces
Jason Sudeikis is the type of guy who will talk to you about fantasy baseball all night at the bar and then go home to his hot wife, but not before chuckling and then winking at you from the door. Or maybe this was just a dream I had.

Jason Statham
Funny, Actors with Punchable Faces
The above photo is the only known photo of Jason Statham sort of showing a smile. While Statham is incapable of showing another facial expression aside from anger or annoyance, and he seems to always walk around with a scowl, he might actually punch you back if you attempt to hit him. Because Statham doesn’t stop playing his roles after the he hears “cut.”


Floyd Mayweather
Funny Photos, Actors With Punchable Faces
Not an actor, but you would get quite a workout trying to catch him.







What about Justin Bieber? Is his face punchable, or is that I simply want to punch him? I’m so confused!

Piers Morgan. And it happened.

Think what you like about Jeremy Clarkson but anything he does or says can be forgiven purely on the basis that he punched Piers Morgan in the face.

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