12 Awesome F*cked Up Music Videos That You Need To Watch

12 Awesome F*cked Up Music Videos That You Need To Watch


Dye – Fantasy


– Oh boy, this is probably the most famous on the list but also the sickest in many ways. The track is a great blend with the video, it’s all just beautiful and surreal. And F*cked up. And Awesome.


Birdy Nam Nam – The parachute ending


– This is one of my personal favorites. Mostly because the track is in sync with the video and it’s all awesome as whiskey t*ts.


Sebastien Tellier – Look


– See the picture? Imagine 3 minutes of it, walking, changing shapes and farting diamonds. Yep, DIAMONDS! Song’s not that bad either, true.


Jackson and his Computerband – G.I. Jane


– Jumpy great song, there may be a couple of d*cks around. A lot of them, actually. But if you look at it artistically, it’s quite incredible. Impressive.


Blockhead – The Music Scene


– Great tribal beats accompanied by a visually charming video. Trippy as f*ck.


Flume – Space Cadet feat. GhostFace Killah


– Did you know that Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killa has beef with famous rap singer and cook Action Bronson because they both sound the same? Well now you know.


Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue


– This is just pretty. I know it’s not very manly to admit, but I said it, it’s just pretty.


Zeds Dead – Lost You


– This one I especially like because of the song being a perfect blend of 90’s house and today’s drugs. Outstanding!


Perturbator – Humans are such easy pray


– This is just a mash up of Akira (if you have no idea what Akira is, shame on you, shame on your cow) with Perturbator’s hardcore electronic synth holy sh*t it’s got quotes from Terminator music. Woo! If you made it so far your brain is practically begging for it right now. Just play that.


C2C – Delta


– Coups2Crosses single Delta is visually represented by a red-ish sci-fi fantasy clip. It’s pretty jumpy and nice, you could cook a great pasta to this.


Flairs – Trucker’s Delight


– This video is probably my favorite, because it’s 8-bit, dirty, stupid humor. It’s also vulgar and kinda NSFW.

RipTide – In The Middle Of The Nite


– This i particularly like because it’s drawn in a very neon-flash style, very neat and colorful. I like colors.


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