12 Bans That Hilariously Backfired –


Following the rules sucks. Breaking them is more fun. Yes, there’s a lot of rules that are in place for the safety and well-being of what-the-fuck-ever. But sometimes they’re more stupid than helpful. Here are some rules that were implemented and completely backfired.




Pollution Solution
In the 80’s and 90’s, Greece realized they needed to get their pollution problem under control. The implemented law stated that if your license plate ended in an even number, you could only drive your car on even days of the week and vice versa for odd license plates. Instead of carpooling, people started buying beater cars with the opposite license plate so they could drive every day. This made the pollution problem twice as bad and created a parking catastrophe.




Trash Bash
A middle school that was sick and tired of dealing with trash decided to enforce a ‘no trash on campus’ rule. The school took trashcans out of the cafeteria and other common areas, only leaving smaller bins in classrooms. What could go wrong? It only took a day for the entire school to be covered in the shit people wanted to throw away. The trashcans were back the next week.




Dibs Kids
In order to avoid kids wasting food, a kindergarten teacher implemented a ‘you have to eat what you touch’ rule. It inevitably ended in the tots rubbing their germy little hands on every piece of food they came across to claim it.




Cobra Killing
In 1858 the big bad British Empire began colonial rule over India. There was a shit ton of cobras slithering around Dehli acting like they owned the place and British officials were not having it. So they threw some money at the problem and offered a bounty to anyone who brought them cobras. The rule was that the snakes had to be dead. People realized this was easy money, so instead of catching the cobras people started breeding them and killing them in their own homes. Places around Dehli were now snake sex dens full of fucking cobras. When officials caught on, the bounty was cancelled and all the snakes became homeless when they were released into the wild.




Bare Market
Pornography is banned in Korea, so trying to watch it won’t end well legally. However, this has resulted in a booming black market of adult movies.




Flood Fail
During the Qin Dynasty in China, there was a law in place that did not allow soldiers to be late to anything or miss appointments. This law seriously backfired when Chen Sheng and Wu Guang and their soldiers were going to be late to a post due to extreme flooding. Seeing how they did not want to be executed, the two started an uprising.




Skirting Uniforms
A school’s dress code required that students wear clothing with the school’s name or emblem on it. The kids got smart with it and would wear whatever they wanted and just with a paper emblem attached to their clothes.




Cold Cunning
When the state of Washington needed to save money, they mandated that schools not turn on the heat during the winter months. Students and teachers alike were freezing their asses off, so teachers started bringing space heaters to warm up their classrooms. This led to sky-high electric bills that ended up costing the state more money in the long run.




Piss Drunk
A college bar with a 50 cent beer promotion had young, broke students flocking to it. The only catch was that the cheap beer stopped flowing when the first person went to the bathroom. Nobody wanted to be that asshole who ended the fun for everyone, so people started peeing in corners and trashcans. Others with serious dedication wore diapers. Either way, this 50 cent beer rule backfired real quick and the owner canceled it.




Breaking Lunch
A boss who was suspicious that employees were taking long and lavish lunch breaks decided to enforce a policy that everyone must send in their start and end times for lunch. One really irritated smart ass decided to take it to the next level by texting his employer his lunch start time, where he went for lunch, the address, what he ordered, and how much it cost. The employee would also let him know any time he had a snack throughout the day.




Macy’s Mishap
If you’ve ever been to Macy’s, then you have probably felt like you’re in a ghost town without an employee in sight to help you. One curious person decided to work there for a holiday season and get to the bottom of it. Apparently, Macy’s employees are trained that as a rule, you do not approach customers in order to avoid ‘intimidating’ them. Except that’s how you use a shit ton of sales…




Daring Deliveries
Many of us remember the glorious ’30 minutes or it’s free’ Domino’s promotion. It’s all in the name, but if your pizza didn’t arrive within 30 minutes then it was free. Dominos drivers were so stressed out trying to get the pizzas there on time that a lot of car accidents happened. Domino’s canceled the promotion.

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