12 Bizarre Inventions From The Victorian Era –

Even though the Victorian era was a long period of peace and prosperity, turns out, science was going through a weird phase. Below are 15 bizarre inventions from this era – some are useful, and some… well, not so much.

The Trick Pledge Altar

 Pin ItVia Vintage EverydayWhat could be funnier than encouraging a friend to make a pledge at your new home altar… only for him to be surprised by the abrupt appearance of a human skeleton – which spits scalding water into his face!?

Fence Cycle

Sometimes walking the length of a fence can be just too much like hard work. If only there were some way to take the effort out of it. Well… there almost was, as demonstrated here by none other than Vincent Van Gogh – the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Toilet Mask

Did you know that you can only remove your perfections by wearing this toilet mask three times a week? Also, in the unlikely event that it somehow doesn’t work, you can just keep the thing on permanently.

The “Niagara” Wave And Rocking Bath

The makers of the “Niagara” wave and rocking bath claim that there will be ABSOLUTELY no water splashing in the room, as you rock and thrash in order to generate the FULLEST ILLUSION of a sea or river bath.

The Wireless Telephone Trick

“Hell-o, I hear you calling me!” says your innocent victim – only for the bottom of the phone to explode unexpectedly, and for his hand and face to be showered with broiling turps.

Multi-Purpose Cane

This Swiss Army Knife of canes, caters for all the gentlemanly pastimes: catching butterflies, sheltering from the rain, smoking opium, playing the flute, and measuring a horse.

The Surprise Chair

Look at how the victim of this prank goes from serenity to sheer terror.

Stamp Licker

Nobody likes licking stamps: who knows where they’ve been? Mercifully, the Victorians had a solution – an artificial, salivating dog’s head.

The Human Centipede Or Night Mare

“Come along, chaps… let’s canter around Berkley Square on my new Human Centipede!”

The Devil’s Slide

This has it all going on. First you raise your friend on your Devil’s Slide. Then you tilt him backwards. Then you let him go, and observe in silent hysteria, as he is startled by a series of small explosions, and being spattered in the face with a rancid solvent.

Vigor’s Horse- Action Saddle

This is “a perfect substitute for a live horse”, apparently, in that it promotes good spirits and stimulates the liver. They’re not fooling anyone.

Invisible Paddle Machine

“My dear fellow… are you able to lift this casket whilst straddling it?”…”Why of course I can, Herbert…” BANG “My arse! My eyes!”

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