12 Brands That Have Embarrassed Themselves On Twitter

It seems every big-name brand is hiring social media teams left and right to cash in on some dank memes these days. Some manage to carve out a niche with funny or engaging posts, but not every social media post is created equal.

Sometimes, brands get it wrong. VERY wrong. Quick attempts to be the coolest person on Twitter will lead you to looking like Steve Buscemi at best and a tone-deaf jerk at worst.

Here’s some reminders to think before you tweet.

1.  IHOP

The International House of Pancakes hopped on the same bandwagon as every other fast food chain with a Twitter back in 2015, but stepped right over the line with this one.

2. Bud Light

Knowing what beer is, the statement “The perfect beer for whatever happens” is the last thing you’d want to slap on the front of the bottle.

3. The Onion

During the 2013 Oscars, The Onion attempted to push satire to the breaking point by insulting then 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. It…did not end well for them.

4. Chrysler Autos

Protip: If you’re having a bad day, stay off of Twitter; especially if you’re handling a professional handle.

5. Entenmanns

Entenmanns wanted to be cute about people who love their cakes, but neglected to realize that #NotGuilty was being used as a response to the Case Anthony trial that day.

6. The New England Patriots

Sometimes, automated Twitter bots are not your friend. A one million follower milestone was soured by a heinous Twitter handle being printed on the back of the winning member’s jersey.

7. The US State Department

Remember – only travel across the world if you’re attractive.

8. MTV Australia

Not the thing you want to say about Hispanic actresses, guys.

9. US Airways

When tarmac complaints turn into accidental porn.


The government rubbing salt into the wounds of college students across the country. Yeesh.

11. Total Beauty

A research team can help you know the difference between Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah.

12. Coca-Cola

Remember Coke’s #MakeItHappy campaign? The company created a bot that turned hate into coded pictures of love. Gawker decided to create a fake account and tweet passages from Hitler’s Mein Kamph to see if they bot would pick it up, which it did in the form of a cute dog. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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