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12 Brilliant Details In ‘The Office’ You Might Have Missed

12 Brilliant Details In ‘The Office’ You Might Have Missed



1. The porch of Schrute Farms sports a flag that only bears 15 stars. There’s a little bit of history behind it.

The 15 star flag (which also had 15 stripes) was created in 1795, representing the addition of Vermont and Kentucky to the 13 original colonies. Though more states were added in that time, the flag didn’t change again until 1818.

Schrute Farms was established in 1812, which puts it right in that historical window. Nobody has changed the flag in over 200 years.

via Hexxington

2. During St. Patrick’s Day, Michael puts an Irish flag on his desk to celebrate the occasion

Except, that’s actually an Italian flag.

This is the Irish flag, for the record. It does kind of look the same, but you just know Michael screwed it up because Ireland and Italy start with the same letter.

via rickyhatespeas

3. In the Season Seven episode “The Ultimatum,” Dunder Mifflin puts together a board of their resolutions. There are some funny ones in there — Kelly’s is “Get more attention by any means necessary”

By far the best one is Stanley’s, which reads “Be a better husband and boyfriend”

via kykyz

4. When Dwight finally (temporarily) becomes regional manager, Andy can be seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt in an attempt to emulate his new boss

via SketchesFromMidgard

5. In Season Eight, Dwight asks for a new position at the company. Robert California turns him down, offering him a “special” medal instead.

It’s an empty gesture. If you look closely in the background at Gabe’s office, you can see Gabe ALSO got what looks like the exact same medal.

via BourbonNBulletz

6. During the second episode of Season Four, you can see that the whiteboard by Angela’s desk hasn’t been altered, even though by this time Karen is gone and Ryan has been promoted — like a real office, nobody at Dunder Mifflin cares enough to change it

via MoralityContest

7. In Season Six, Andy can be seen looking at some leftovers of Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe…

…and as we all know from a Season Four episode, there is a very big distinction between Alfredo’s Pizza and Pizza By Alfredo

via PopeBohoXIII

8. When Dwight makes a tiered chart of his co-workers in Season Four, he writes “Creed Bratton” in quotes, probably because he knows Creed is using a fake name

via s1lentstorm

9. Hanging on the wall in the office is an award from the “Rain Forest Harvester’s Association,” bestowing Dunder Mifflin with “The One Million Cut Trees Award”

via bigshotruby80

10. In a Season Eight episode, Michael makes a chart of people and the things they would prefer not to be mocked for — look closely and you can see Ryan’s is “Kelly”

via krstyan

11. In a memorable Christmas episode, Jim gets Pam this teapot as part of a Secret Santa gift

Two season later, we see the same teapot in use for The Finer Things Club.

via franioo

12. In the Season Five episode “The Surplus,” Jim brings back Pam some tiramisu from a work lunch

..but because they’re fighting over whether they should get new chairs or a new copier with the office surplus, Pam dumps the tiramisu in the garbage

They don’t specifically call this out, but later on in the episode, Michael can be seen eating some messy tiramisu — he got it out of Pam’s garbage

You’d think Michael maybe brought back his own tiramisu, but he doesn’t have any when he walks in the door — only Jim does, and he gives that to Pam, who throws it in the garbage

Finally, Michael mentions someone throwing out tiramisu in the episode itself, and the look on Pam’s face is priceless — she knows


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