12 Brilliant Jurassic Park Movie Details You Might Have Missed



1. That Jurassic World references Jurassic Park is obvious, but they really nailed the little details. The Jeep that the boys ride in Jurassic World, for instance, is the same one Hammond rides in during Jurassic Park (both are marked JP 29)

The hologram that shows up near the end of Jurassic World is an obvious nod to the spitter that killed Nedry, but if you look closely it seems as though they faithfully recreated that exact same shot, just flipped

Jurassic World seems to have remembered everything, including that weird “Jurassic Tennis” slide from the presentation in Jurassic Park

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If that T-Rex at the end of Jurassic World seemed familiar, that’s because it’s the exact same dinosaur from the end of Jurassic Park. You can still see the scars on the T-Rex from the raptor fight all those years before.

2. There’s a sneaky little Spielberg reference at Nedry’s workstation

Zoom in on one of his monitors, and you can see he’s watching Jaws, also directed by Steven Spielberg

3. Just before the T-Rex is released in Jurassic World, you can see a T-Rex saying “I’m Back!” on a t-shirt in the background

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4. Nedry’s outfits throughout Jurassic Park closely mirror those worn by the Goonies — a movie also produced by Kathleen Kennedy

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5. When the bloodsucking lawyer first arrives at the amber mine in Jurassic Park, Rostagno mutters under his breath in Spanish. It’s not subtitled, but “Te apuesto mil pesos que se cae” roughly translates to “I bet a thousand pesos that he falls”

The bloodsucking lawyer, of course, falls seconds later

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6. The series has had tons of cameos you might have missed. Remember the flying dino attack in Jurassic World?

Specifically, remember this goofball saving his precious margaritas in a time of crisis?

As it turns out, that’s Mr. Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffett

Technically Jeff Goldblum doesn’t appear in Jurassic World, but his character Ian Malcolm is referenced when his book appears in multiple shots

In The Lost World, look closely at a shot of the TV and you can see the reflection of Steven Spielberg and the producers

7. Tim wears the same kind of outfit as his idol, Alan Grant

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In Jurassic World, Claire wears her shirt much like Ellie Satler (though this might be more of an homage than a character trait)

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8. Keep a look out for signs in Jurassic Park movies — sometimes there’s a special meaning behind them. For instance, in the background of Jurassic World, you can see a sign for “Winston’s” — a reference to legendary special effects artist Stan Winston

In The Lost World, one of the street signs has a cheeky easter egg — it’s tough to see, but it reads “NO DINOSAURS”

The boat that brings the T-Rex to the mainland in The Lost World is significant too — it’s named the “S.S. Venture” — which happens to be the name of the boat that brings King Kong to the mainland in the old and new movies

At one point in The Lost World, the characters walk into a video store with fictional movies, including Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in William Shakespeare’s King Lear

The “Schwarzenegger as King Lear” poster appears to be a reference to an episode of Animaniacs (also produced by Spielberg) that aired two years earlier and made the same joke

9. Plenty of other movies have their own Jurassic Park easter eggs. One shot in Toy Story 2 directly references the T-Rex chase, for instance

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This shot of a playground in The Flintstones movie (produced by Spielberg) is a bit more obvious

10. You know how we know Dodgson is a shady guy? He doesn’t close his cab door. You can see the driver gets pissed off

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11. A deleted scene in Jurassic Park involves Dr. Ellie Sattler saying that the Triceratops eats rocks for digestion purposes, and that it ate poison berries on accident. You can see the remnants of this scene in the final cut during this quick shot, when Tim is holding rocks

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12. This is getting a little into the weeds, but there really is a great amount of symbolism in Jurassic Park.

For instance, Ian Malcolm and John Hammond both wear opposite colors, representing their diametrically opposed views

Then there’s this picture on the left of Nedry’s computer. That’s Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. Much like Hammond, Oppenheimer championed science without first considering the consequences of such staggering advancement

The scene with Mr. DNA seems like a big exposition dump, but it actually foreshadows a moment later in the movie

The idea that “Life will find a way” is hinted at earlier in the movie, when characters keep breaking free of the restraints of Jurassic Park themselves — if they can do it, gigantic dinosaurs probably will too

The best example of this is during the first helicpoter ride, when Dr. Alan Grant finds that his seatbelt has two female ends

Grant improvises a solution to the his “female only” seatbelt problem, just as the dinosaurs do with the all-female population

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