12 Celebs Who Aired Their Dirty Laundry All Over Twitter

12 Celebs Who Aired Their Dirty Laundry All Over Twitter

These days, people often take to social media to vent and to tell way too much of their personal business. Sometimes, people do this in an attempt to embarrass the other people involved in the drama, but the truth is, airing your dirty laundry online just makes everybody look bad. But hey, it gets people’s attention. That’s probably why so many celebrities are logging into their Twitter accounts to settle their differences for millions of people to see.

This tactic, of course, brings more attention to the celebrity. It just so happens that when famous people do this, they either have a project coming up and want to create buzz around their new album, movie or TV show, or they don’t have anything in the works and don’t want the public to forget them. As they say in Hollywood, all publicity is good publicity, and when millions of Twitter users are commenting on cyber drama that involves a celebrity, it brings about a considerable amount of fame (or infamy) for the celeb. Here are 12 celebrities who decided that it was a good idea to air their dirty laundry on Twitter.

12. Diplo and Lorde

When DJ Diplo decided that he needed to let the world know that Taylor Swift had no booty via Twitter, he even took it a step further and started a crowdfunding campaign called “Get Taylor Swift a Booty.” Swift (wisely) ignored the Tweets, but her good friend, singer Lorde, went on Twitter to asked Diplo if the issue of his small penis should be resolved while he was raising money for Swift. Diplo then re-Tweeted Lorde’s comment, and added in parenthesis, “the moment you realize she’s a high school student.” Calling out a person for being immature by being immature isn’t quite the way to solve a feud, but these Twitter battles are often when the true colors of celebrities shine through.

11. Amandla Stenberg and Kylie Jenner

It seems that members of the Kardashian family just can’t seem to keep themselves out of feuds, online or otherwise. When Kylie posted a picture of herself wearing cornrows on Instagram, actress and activist Amandla Stenberg made an elaborate comment about cultural appropriation, directed at Kylie. Stenberg then sarcastically added the hashtag #whitegirlsdoitbetter, which caused the feud to start trending on Twitter and Facebook as well. Kylie responded, “mad if I do, mad if I don’t…go hang w Jaden or something.” Jaden (Smith) is Kylie’s ex and is rumored to be dating Amandla, and Jenner was likely trying to call both Smith and Stenberg “children.” Because, you know, Kylie’s dating an older man now.

10. Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has been criticized in the media for spending more time trying to morph into a Black woman than concentrating on making good music. She’s often taken to social media to state that she doesn’t appreciate being criticized, but hasn’t made many changes in the behavior that was bringing the criticism. The rap community is pretty polarized when it comes to their opinion of her, and rapper Snoop Dogg clearly isn’t a fan. He went on Twitter to post a picture of an albino man with cornrows, and stated that it was Iggy Azalea without makeup. Ouch. The female rapper then asked Snoop why he was being mean for no reason. Iggy Azalea has helped the Twitter wars concerning her to die down by being much quieter on social media these days, and we’re thinking that’s a good idea on her part.

9. Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik

40 Principales Awards 2014 - Photocall

Producer Naughty Boy recently shared a picture of himself and singer Zayn Malik on Twitter, but the photo looked as though Malik had been added using the Photoshop app. Zayn’s former band member Louis Tomlinson, Tweeted about the photo, alluding to the fact that “some people” still believe that using Mac filters for photos is cool. Then Naughty Boy Tweeted that “some people” can’t sing without auto-tune, and we’re pretty sure he was talking about Tomlinson. Obviously, Louis is still a little peeved that Zayn decided to leave One Direction. Sure, most of the fans are bummed about this as well, and have expressed their disappointment via social media. However, this is probably an issue that should be resolved in private. Then again, celebs hardly ever take that advice these days.

8. Kathy Griffin and Demi Lovato

Outspoken comedienne Kathy Griffin is known for picking fights for celebrities who didn’t necessarily ask for them. Griffin was asked during a Twitter Q&A who was the biggest douche of a celebrity she’d ever met, and she said “probably Demi Lovato.” Demi responded that she’s only a “douche” to people she “can’t stand.” Lovato also posted a picture of herself making a displeased face, with Griffin in the background. Lovato took the post down soon after, but some of her fans started making death threats to Kathy. Griffin had to call the police due to the threats, but that didn’t stop her from criticizing Demi even more for her 2015 VMA performance. Lovato then Tweeted that Griffin had turned into a stalker fan, and took the opportunity to promote her new album.

7. Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian

Remember that time Kanye West said that he had to take “30 showers” before his wife Kim felt comfortable being with him, because his ex is Amber Rose? Well, of course, Rose didn’t take too kindly to that, and took to Twitter to remind Kanye that his wife made a sex tape at one point. That’s when Khloe decided to come to her big sister’s defense. She asked Amber to stop talking about the Kardashian family in her interviews, and made it clear that no one in the Kardashian clan is mentioning her name during their interviews. The feud went back and forth for a while, then Khloe decided to “take the high road,” which probably means she was embarrassed by Amber’s barrage of insults.

6. Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a very polarizing celebrity—people either love him, or they can’t stand him. In 2014, Seth Rogen Tweeted that Bieber was a “piece of sh*t,” and was obviously still upset about the first time he met Justin years ago. Justin then responded, apologizing for not “bowing down” to Seth when the two met. Bieber said that he was shy and didn’t want to seem too “over the top.” He then stated that he was still a fan of Seth’s work. This may be one of Bieber’s classiest responses to a celebrity feud. From what we can tell, Rogen left the situation alone after that.

5. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

There’s been a Hollywood rumor going around that Taylor Swift’s single “Bad Blood” is a song about Katy Perry. Apparently, the two singers used to be friends, but now they’ve got…bad blood. When Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj got into their Twitter battle, Perry took to Twitter to state that it’s ironic that Taylor wants to promote unity among women, when she can’t seem to get along with women. Taylor Swift decided to ignore this Tweet, but Nicki went on Twitter to defend Swift with a pretty animated emoji to get her point across.

4. Pink and Demi Lovato

When two singers who are all about women empowerment get into a feud, it’s usually not pretty. Pink critiqued the 2015 Video Music Awards on her Instagram account, and stated that most of the music performed on the show wasn’t inspiration or life-changing. Pink named some of the artists whose performances she appreciated, but Demi Lovato’s wasn’t one of them. Lovato performed “Cool for the Summer” at the VMAs, and she took Pink’s comment personally. Demi stated on Twitter that while this particular single wasn’t meant to “save kids’ lives,” she did have two other singles, “Warrior” and “Skyscraper” that were meant to help people with mental illness. Pink then responded that she didn’t mean to target Demi, but we’re guessing Lovato wasn’t really open to an apology at that point.

3. Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift seems to always find herself in the middle of a Twitter war, in one way or another. She has been fighting against the policies of companies like Apple and Spotify when it comes to pay artist royalty fees. Zayn Malik ( formerly of One Direction) Tweeted that he’s “made his money,” which was a reference to a Miley Cyrus quote, and possibly a dig at Swift. Taylor’s boyfriend Calvin Harris, quickly defended her, and stating that if Malik couldn’t see how hard Taylor Swift has worked to support other artists, then Zayn should “stay the f*&^ outta his mentions.” Well, that settles that. Zayn responded that Harris made a “complete fool of himself” and then called him a “d*ckhead. Really mature.

2. Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift

When MTV announced their nominations for the MTV Video Awards in 2015, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to make it clear that she wasn’t clear with the network’s choices. After all, her “Anaconda” video didn’t get a nomination, but “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift did. Minaj alluded to the fact that women of color weren’t celebrated enough in music, but didn’t mention Taylor’s name. Swift then Tweeted to Nicki that she’s always “loved and supported” her, and suggested that maybe one of the male artists took Nicki’s nomination. Minaj responded to Taylor, letting her know that she wasn’t talking about her directly, then posted some articles explaining how award nominations and honors are often racially motivated. Taylor Swift then apologized and said she “misspoke,” and all was right with the two artists again.

1. Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

Recently, rapper Kanye West changed the title of his upcoming album from SWISH to WAVES. Not a big deal, right? However, fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa had a little problem with it. He Tweeted to West that he should “hit this kk” so that he could “become himself” and start making the music he used to make. West thought that “kk” was a reference to his wife Kim Kardashian, but Wiz stated that “kk” is actually a specific strain of marijuana. As we know, Kanye West isn’t one to control his temper or his tongue. He then Tweeted about Wiz Khalifa’s clothing choices, his ex-wife Amber Rose, and his music. West also took this time to promote Kim Kardashian’s emoji line, and Amber Rose even took to Twitter to divulge some information about Kanye’s unconventional preferences in the bedroom. Obviously, there was a lot going on. However, the two rappers were able to sort out the misunderstanding and Kanye deleted his offensive Tweets.


12 Celebs Who Aired Their Dirty Laundry All Over Twitter

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