12 Celebs Who Got Caught Flipping Out In Public

12 Celebs Who Got Caught Flipping Out In Public
  We humans have become the dominant species of this planet by being able to protect ourselves from whatever it is that threatens us. In the ancient past, our ancestors were able to fight off wild beasts with sticks, spears and rocks. This aggression can also be seen in our superiority with weapons and the deep history of war that the human race has waged over the generations. Today however, in the typical civilized society, there is rarely any reason for anyone to be violent towards other people. This doesn’t stop our favorite (or not-so-favorite) celebrities from taking the low road to engage in some physical altercation with whomever they deem to have wronged them.

The natural enemy of the celebrity seem to be the paparazzi. The paparazzi typically get into the face of their celebrity prey and launch a barrage of photographic attacks. For those unlucky few, they will encounter a hotheaded celeb that will much rather engage the photog in fisticuffs than have them take a picture.

Other natural enemies of the celebrity are the haters. These are the anti-fans. For one reason or another, there are celebrities who attract a certain following of haters who love to hate them. These people would taunt, insult or even straight up challenge these celebrities when given the chance, thus leading to a fight.

12. Lamar Odom


While going through a very rough patch in his marriage with Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom was ever so kindly asked by a Paparazzo to comment on his supposed infidelity while his picture was being taken. Lamar didn’t like the questions invading into his private (public) life. He flew into a rage and raided the cars of the two paparazzi and destroyed valuable photography equipment. It’s a good thing that the paparazzo had the good sense to back away from his 6’10” frame when he went berserk. After being satisfied of the rampage he had caused, Lamar turned to the Paparazzo to ask them to talk to him man to man.

11. Kanye West

What is it with the Kardashians’ men and the paparazzi? Kanye West, the husband of the Queen Kardashian herself, Kim, has had a few minor and not so minor run-ins with the paparazzi over his colorful career. One of the best (or worst) encounters under his belt is the one with Ramos at the LAX. This encounter had amounted to 250 hours of community service, a 2 year probation and 30 days of anger management classes. In the video of the encounter, Kanye is seen trying to take the camera away from Ramos but there were no blows (i.e. punches or kicks) that were apparent. Ramos however, was treated for unspecified injuries by the EMT at the scene.

10. Alec Baldwin

The star of 30 Rock is not above calling a grown man a “little girl”. In the video, the photog is seen exchanging some words with a supposed neighbor of Alec, and the woman is trying to stop the photog from taking pictures of Mr. Baldwin. After the cut, Alec Baldwin is seen leading the man across the street by his arm. He then tells him to leave his neighbor alone with some expletives thrown in for good measure. Curiously, among all the other photographers in the area, it is only this one photographer that Alec homes in on, the one who was engaging his neighbor in an argument.

9. Sam Worthington


Sam Worthington, the blue skinned cat alien in James Cameron’s Avatar, had a pretty hairy encounter with one paparazzo in New York City. In the video, the paparazzo is seen hounding Mrs. Lara Worthington, who was on her phone minding her own business. She then approached the camera guy to try and stop the guy from following her. She is heard to beg the camera guy to “stop following” her. The paparazzo didn’t respect her request and instead asked her to “not touch” him while constantly saying to the camera that he had it on video. Soon after this, the husband comes to the rescue. In another video angle, the cameraman is seen kneeling to the ground trying to protect his camera. Sam is visibly angry as he shouts, “Do you wanna f**kn kick my wife?!” The other paparazzo shooting this angle is heard repeating that he has “it on video.”

8. Sean Penn


One of the best chameleons in Hollywood is also one of the most ill tempered. In an incident with the paparazzi, the Milk star is seen carrying a plastic bag and walking towards the camera guy shooting him. He tries to take away the camera which the paparazzo promptly moves out of Sean’s reach. Sean Penn then proceeded to kick the paparazzo on his thigh with two quick front kicks. While this was not the first time that his temper had flared in the presence of the ever present paparazzi, it is his most popular one.

7. Shia Labeouf


The intense artiste of the Transformers fame has quite a list of alcohol-fueled incidents associated with him. His antics are not confined to America alone, but he has gone international with his infamy. While in Vancouver, Canada, he is caught on video getting into a fight with a bare chested man. Throughout the duration of the short video, Shia was on the ground being pummeled. He was saved by a good samaritan in crutches. In another incident, this time across the Atlantic, Shia was caught on video pushing a Londoner’s head with his own, while constantly repeating, “What did you just say?” Shia was clearly offended. He then added, “What did you just say about my girl’s mom?”

6. Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi


In 2001, while hanging out at a local bar in North Carolina, Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi got into a real nasty bar fight that almost took away Buscemi’s life. The scuffle started when a local girl got into talking with Vince. This girl just so happened to have a hot headed jealous-type boyfriend who then got into the face of Vince Vaughn for talking to his girl. The men took things outside where a peaceful compromise wasn’t reached. The fight broke out and when the police arrived, Buscemi was already badly hurt. Unlike Vaughn’s on screen opponents in Anchorman, their North Carolina foes did touch them on their hair and face.

5. Chris brown vs Rihanna


Chris Brown’s first entry on this list is his fight with his then girlfriend, Rihanna. On February 7, 2009, after a Grammy Awards party, the young couple were driving away in their car. When Chris Brown received a text from a girl and Rihanna got jealous. She wouldn’t drop the topic prompting Brown to continue to lie to her through his teeth. After a while of this, Chris Brown finally snapped and hit Rihanna. Her face was bloodied up and bruised and the world got to see this when photos of her examination at the hospital were released to the public.

4. Drake vs Chris Brown


This is Chris Brown’s second entry on this list. A couple of months after Rihanna broke it off with the woman beater, Chris Brown, she found companionship in Drake. Their first date was at the NY Lucky Strike bowling center and they continued to date until early 2012. In June 2012 however, Drake and Chris Brown got into a bar brawl in a NYC nightclub, allegedly because Rihanna had gone back to Brown. Both parties denied being involved in the fight but there are videos and witnesses that attest to the contrary. In fact, Chris Brown himself posted a picture on Instagram showing a very nasty gash on his chin.

3. Wesley Snipes


Wesley Snipes (or Blade as he would like to be called) is a pretty intense guy with very weird practices when it came to the filming of the third installment of Blade. While filming Blade Trinity, Snipes wanted people on set to refer to him as Blade. He also spent most of his time in his trailer blazing up. Now this doesn’t sound that bad, what was bad was how he acted while allegedly high. He reportedly once chokedDavid Goyer, the director of the film, onset when they had a disagreement about something in the movie. This prompted the director to hire two local bruisers to act as bodyguards for the rest of the duration of the filming.

2. Dr. Dre


In the 90s, hip-hop was big and Dr. Dre was part of the N.W.A. crew. Chris Brown must’ve taken a page out of Dr.Dre’s book because one night in 1991, Dr.Dre beat up Dee Barnes, a music journalist, on the floor of a woman’s bathroom in a nightclub while his bodyguards held off onlookers with a gun. Dee Barnes recalls Dre on top of her beating her senseless. The hip-hop artist was allegedly riled up when he saw Dee Barnes because Barnes had supposedly humiliated N.W.A. on TV.

1. Bjork


Bjork is an experimental musical artist from Iceland that hit it big abroad with her stylish and weird music videos and unearthly brand of music. Her weird and strange ways are not confined to her music alone. They crossover to how she looks in her music videos, promotional materials, photoshoots, and in one instance, they seem to crossover to her behavior in real life as well. In the video that caught the incident, as she exited the airport in Thailand, a reporter is heard saying, “Welcome to Bangkok.” This triggered a fit of rage in Bjork that rivaled that of a wild beast trying to protect her young. The singer’s management later released a statement saying that the journalist had been pestering the singer for four days prior to the event, and that media were already requested not to come to the airport but they came anyway. They also added that Bjork only wanted to protect her son, whom she doesn’t want to be the target of media attention.




12 Celebs Who Got Caught Flipping Out In Public

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