12 Cops Share Strange Laws Their Towns Make Them Enforce

There have been so many insane, obscure laws passed over the years, it’s honestly hard to keep track. Well, these cops have kept track because, well, they had to as part of their job. Some even have to enforce these dumb shit laws. We pity the poor people who are given a ticket for this riduculousness.

1. Matte black balloons only, kids.

Park Ranger Law Enforcement here, I did a detail in Joshua Tree and asked about strange laws they had. I was told that possession of balloons was unlawful because tortoises like shiney things, try to eat them and die.

Sabor-Explosivo / Reddit.com

2. Who’s down to go streaking in Vermont?

Am a cop in Vermont. Public nudity is legal in most cities but there’s a persistent myth even among fellow officers that you can’t take off your clothes in public (so essentially you’d have to walk out of your house naked.) Despite no basis at all for it, I’ve had supervisors try to insist I enforce the myth.

ladymaae / Reddit.com

3. I like that there was an exception made for ice cream.

Idk about strange or obscure, but it caught me off guard. In Cobb co, GA (that includes pretty big cities that neighbor the city of Atlanta) it is illegal to operate a food truck in any capacity. Ice cream trucks are okay, but any food made in a mobile vehicle is illegal to be sold or even given away. My MIL had a food truck and operated her business in the city of Atlanta, but couldn’t sell in Cobb county where she lived.

HighQueenSkyrim / Reddit.com

4. Let the people drink and play their pinball smh

There is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada where it is illegal to sell alcohol in an establishment with more than two arcade games. Not the whole city, just this one particular neighbourhood. A Pinball cafe opened in said neighbourhood, bringing in all sorts of retro and new pinball machines that would rotate through. Opened with quite a bit of hype. First few months they were busy & had great reviews. But there was a hold up with the liquor license which caused them to lose money. Eventually the license was denied based on this prohibition era law that had never been taken off the books. Pinball cafe closed.

winterlayers / Reddit.com

5. How angry would you be if you got a ticket for this?

Journalist who reports on cops here: motorcyclists must always have two feet on the ground when stopped.

thinkdeep / Reddit.com

6. Uh, an interesting workaround.

Windshield wipers are mandatory on your car here, but there’s no law that requires a windshield.

Shnozztube / Reddit.com

7. A perfect place for those PDA haters to live.

You can’t have intimate contact of any sorts here, kissing can result in a fine.

EDIT: In public places only, no one polices who you pork at home (although some people definitely wish they could).

EDIT2: This is about Georgia, the one in the Caucasus.

Praxxah / Reddit.com

8. Gotta be a pain for those property managers.

Actually a law enforced in my town: if more than 3 people would like to live together, two of them must be related. This is a college town, so if 5 dudes wanted to live together, at least two of them would have to be related. It’s not enforced as much my private renters, but property managers and such have to follow to law.

VerbalJudoMaster21 / Reddit.com

9. TIL another word for anal sex is buggery.

Buggery (anal sex) is illegal in my city. I believe it was used to arrest gay men but it’s still a law

Mykl68 / Reddit.com

10. Damn, you steal ONE chicken and you’re dead.

Am cop. This is a super old law but it never got taken away. Stealing someones livestock is punished by death.

This one can be used too, spitting on a sidewalk is a mis

kvsnake / Reddit.com

11. I’m kinda fine with this rule.

My entire town outlaws wearing masks with the exception of the night of Halloween.

Vayro / Reddit.com

12. You’re ARRESTED. Psych, unarrested.

Cop in Australia. If i catch you with having more than 50kg of potatoes in your possession i WILL arrest you. Mostly because it would be hilarious…. then ill unarrest you because who really gives a shit. Still illegal in Western Australia though.



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