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12 Cops Who Wrote Tickets To Other Cops Share Their Crazy Stories

12 Cops Who Wrote Tickets To Other Cops Share Their Crazy Stories

Getting pulled over sucks. There is no more uncomfortable feeling than having to talk to a police officer, especially when you KNOW you’ve totally fucked up and they’ve caught you (Yes, I know how fast I was going back there. No, I am not going to admit this).

Well apparently some cops aren’t above the law either, and can get shitty tickets just like the rest of us. Here’s a handful of times cops gave other cops a ticket and the awkward details on what went down.

1. MrStealYoFunyuns‘s dad does not believe in special treatment.

My father had to arrest a Retired NYPD officer for a DWI in NC. It was interesting to say the least. He was a dick. Acted like my father was disrespecting the badge by arresting another officer.

2. elijahweir shares what should be a cop comedy.

Not me but my old criminal justice teacher, who used to be a cop, once told us a story about how he got pulled over by a cop from a different city, but still the same county. He tried telling him he was a cop and showed his badge but the cop wasn’t having it. He got so annoyed he got out of his car and walked up the cop writing the ticket and started mouthing off to him which definitely didn’t help. The next couple of months, my teacher’s city and the other cops city got into a ticket war and would write each other tickets if they saw that they were a cop from one of the two cities. So basically they got into a police ticket war.

3. grndesl tells us the story of ticket payback.

A friend’s father was the Commander of the local State Police Post. He lived by a railroad track that had been out of use for several decades yet there was still a stop sign at the crossing by his house. Everyone knew this sign was obsolete and no one stopped for it. He was pulled over by a local town police officer and issued a ticket for running the stop sign. Officer told my friends father, “just because you are a state patrolman doesn’t give you the right to run this stop sign”. A couple days later, friends father was going to lunch in his state cruiser and the town officer speeds by him in his town cruiser. State Trooper pulls him over and gives him a speeding ticket. Friends father tells him “just because you are a town cop and driving a police car doesn’t give you the right to speed and break the law when you are not responding to a call”.

4. booyongdave — damn, I hope this isn’t as true today.

I always had a thing against drunk drivers when I was a policeman. Found out pretty quick that cops made up a high percentage of offenders (late 1970’s) and I was pretty quickly ostracized after locking a few of them up.

5. Jooguns explains that cops can get mundane, annoying tickets too.

Yes. Nothing scandalous or anything. It was something basic that I would not typically ticket for. I think failing to stop when entering a public road from a business or something.

Anyway, the individual immediately pulled out some out of state law enforcement ID instead of his license. I had to awkwardly tell him to provide the license, insurance, registration and he went on about his years of service in whatever state.

The rest of the stop went as usual, once I could get him to provide the documentation. I ran his information and served him a citation. It drives me crazy when people try and pull the LEO card. Just, be cool. He must have plead guilty and paid it, though, because I had no further involvement.

6. analbeads69 — all over a weed whacker. What a bizarre ticketing incident.

A police officer came into the home depot I work at and tried to return a weed whacker because it didn’t work. He was in uniform still. We explained that because a) he didn’t have a receipt and b) the particular model he was trying to return was pretty old that we don’t even sell it anymore, and haven’t for a while that it couldn’t be returned.

He basically said that he was a cop and that we were committing a crime for selling him a faulty weed whacker. He then proceeded to walk over to the garden centre, pick up a brand new weed whacker and walk out the door with it. This is theft. Police were called and we all watched a police officer get arrested. Crazy shit.

7. Stealthy_Bird — this video is long, crazy, and also somewhat depressing.

Not a cop, but just wanted to share this video posted a while ago of a cop arresting a drunk driving lieutenant who kept refusing:

8. drumshadowrun shares a great motto.

My father is a cop, he once pulled over his superior for drunk driving. His boss expected special treatment. My dad arrested him. He ended up leaving the department because he was warned, “If you dont have our backs, then don’t expect us to have yours”

9. Socialistpiggy — I like the idea of ticketing people because they should’ve known better.

The only time I think I have ever pulled over/encountered another law enforcement officer is traffic accident related. One accident I witnessed myself while investigating another accident. Roads were icy and we had about five accidents one after another. I watch this deputy cause the accident, mostly due to his bald tires. I cited him. I got called into a neighboring city to investigate a traffic accident where the cop was at fault. Had to cite him as well.

That being said I’ve been cited by other cops. Recently was driving to Vegas and a State Trooper got me. I had a firearm on the console next to me and notified him. Let him know it was right there in view and I was a cop. He cited me for the full amount over just because I was a cop and should known better.

One of our officers got arrested for DUI last year by our neighboring agency. Got arrested on a Friday, quit the following Tuesday..

*Edit Just remembered another one. Got called onto the Highway to investigate an accident involving a Trooper in her patrol vehicle. She rear-ended the person in front of her. Watched the dash camera in her car, traffic began to slow, everyone started to skid due to black ice and she bumped the vehicle in front of her. I did not cite her, but did list has as “at fault” on the state accident form.

10. throw_away_60652 makes some valid points.

Created throwaway to answer this question. I have absolutely written tickets to other cops, and for several reasons:

  1. They know better.
  2. It’s hypocritical – they’re doing something they would write tickets for in their home jurisdiction.
  3. It’s disrespectful (when they flash a badge or something), they know they’re asking me to make an ethical compromise.

Now, if they’re doing something that I would 50/50 give a warning for to an average person, they’re vastly more likely to get a warning (think 8-9 over, cellphone). Same with dismissable offenses (e.g. no driver license in possession – something that would get dismissed by the court for anyone by law). But if it’s something I would 100% write a ticket for, they’re not going to get a warning instead.

Some cops are very respectful, and will only say something after the stop is done and over with. Some you can tell just because they act slightly out of the ordinary, e.g. they’ll address you properly, “Trooper”/”Deputy”/”Officer”, put their hands on the wheel, roll all the windows down, etc. Some try to mention it on the sly, “I have my off-duty weapon with me” is a favorite. Others will literally hang their badge out the window as they come to a stop – I mean, really? (this also happens with military, they hand their military ID over with driver license)

Anyway, that’s it. You can tell some get a little salty when they realize they’re getting a ticket, but none have argued, because there is absolutely nothing for them to stand on.

11. tampabankruptcy was probably salivating over the potential lawsuit.

Was in an accident with a cop. Cop was chasing a suspect without lights and siren, pulled out of cross-street without stopping and I hit his car. No one injured, but totalled my car. Probably same for police car. Other police came, didn’t even ticket me for not wearing my seat belt, did give ticket to officer. City paid to replace car. Very professional. Note I was dressed as a professional but did not tell them I was an attorney.

12.  JerryfromCan — smh police officer.

We have a “street racing” law in Ontario Canada that if you are going 50 km/h over the limit they can tow and impound your car without due process. Makes sense with a 40k limit but less sense at 100km/h limit on the highways (at that point you are speeding not racing as traffic usually moves at 120-130 normally).

Anyway, cops running a speed trap on the highway snag an ON-DUTY officer in an unmarked car from a different detachment. Charged her, impounded the car, shit storm loosened.

Edit: link.

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